Calling Coyotes In Close

Over the last couple decades, hunting coyotes has become more popular. This makes sense, given that these animals are so plentiful, prolific and adaptable. Frankly, matching wits with coyotes is quite satisfying when you are successful, and it doesn’t hurt that taking down these predators will likely increase the deer and small-game population in your area.
While most anyone will tell you that the best way to drop coyotes is to use an electronic predator call, it is often suggested that you do your calling in a wide-open place. This is because traditionally, it is thought that having a wide-open space provides a hunter the best chance at seeing the coyote before the coyote realizes that “the jig is up.” But deep woods coyotes are just as present and plenteous as their desert-dwelling counterparts. Here’s how to call these song dogs in out of the thick stuff.


One word, shotgun. You don’t need a scoped .270 for this kind of varmint work. You need a 12 gauge with a long barrel, either semi or pump-action will work. Calling coyotes out of thick woods is an in-your-face sort of ordeal. The shot will be inside 50 yards. Rest your gun on a pair of shooting sticks and keep it pointed in the direction that you intend to shoot in. We suggest using #2 shot.

Find an Opening

Coyotes will likely attempt to circle downwind of you and your calling setup. You need to ensure that you find a large opening, big enough for you to drop the hammer as the dog tries to circle on you. In thick bush, a coyote can sneak in and out of your setup without you ever knowing that he was there, or that he left.

Quiet Kills

Coyotes accustomed to living in the deep woods are closer to you than you think they are. Using loud squeals in your calling sequence could very easily run dogs right out of your area. Start with soft squeaks and gradually increase the volume. If you get rushed by a coyote coming in hot, keep in mind that a short, loud bark can bring him to a stop and allow you to take the shot you need.

Keep It Stinky

Part of what you need to outwit old Wiley is a cover scent. Use a cover scent, something like fox urine, on an old sock or scent wick. Hang this stinky fabric on a branch, over your setup. This will permit you a few moments where the coyote will be utterly confused, which is precisely when you can hit him with the long gauge. In a game where seconds count, use every advantage.

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