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Camping and Hunting 101 for Beginners

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If you’re camping for the first time during a hunt, there are so many things you need to plan. What camping style will you utilize and where is the best spot? Although there isn’t an exact answer to these questions, we will help you decide better by discussing the things to consider when choosing a camping style, as well as a spot for when you’ll be hunting overnight!

Types of Camping when Hunting

Three things that you need to consider when choosing a camping style when hunting is the time of the year, terrain, and the hunting style. These factors will affect the way you sleep and how you should keep your equipment safe.

Here are the popular types of campsites that work well with hunting.

Bivouac Camp

This camping style is usually done by elk hunters, but the techniques applied to this type of camping can be used in many different types of hunts including hog, deer, and much more. When choosing this, you need to be very light so you can be on the go all the time since you won’t have an area to pack and store your stuff.

Rut Camp

Stay away from the crowds when you’re in this type of camping situation. You can catch animals off-guard during the rut but they’ll usually be more aggressive than usual and will further spread out.Β 

Knowing your boundaries is key here, so you don’t hunt on the wrong property and risk losing your trophy or getting in trouble with the game warden.

Backpacker Base Camp

This type of camping is preferred by many since it doesn’t require you to reach the high ground or pack extremely light. To get the most out of a backpacker base camp, you need to choose an area that is far enough away from the action that you won’t spook animals, but close enough that you don’t have to make huge treks every day

Spike Camp

Spike camp is well-known to archers and it gives hunters a great overview of the nearby treeline. You can watch animals in the wild, look for feeding patterns, and plan your strategy.

Choosing a Camp Site While Hunting

Here are some important things to think about when choosing where to camp during hunting.

Proximity to Game

The last thing you want to do is set up your camp somewhere that is too close, or too visible, and spooks your target animals out of the area. At the same time, you want to camp close enough to be able to quickly be in a hunting position so you don’t waste too much time and energy just getting there every day.

Potential Danger

Be sure your campsite is safe. There should be no trees that might fall on your head, or bears ripping your camp. Keep your food hung in a tree so animals won’t be drawn to your tent. There are so many things to consider under this category, so be aware of what could potentially happen and make choices that will reduce those chances.

Proximity to Water

In some areas, you’ll have to hike a few kilometers to resupply water. Make sure to pick an area that is close to a water source to keep things convenient and to stay hydrated. But don’t camp too close to it or you might end up contaminating the water source!

Right Gear

Always invest in the right gear that will fulfill both your hunting and camping needs.Β 

Most of all, you need to have fun, make the right decisions, and prepare for the best hunting and camping experience of your life!

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