Camping News: Retailers Introduce Luxury Camp Gear

Classy, sleek, and functional, it makes them feel at home in the camp – this is how the customers who first got hold of the luxury items being offered by retailers today described these products. According to a report on the Los Angeles Times, camping retailers are launching items that allow consumers to bring in the comfort of their homes into their outdoor activities.Β 

Among these products are uber-comfortable hammocks, coffee presses, and battery-powered air mattresses. The times are changing, speaking about the range of items that campers prepare.

Market research firm NPD Group’s senior advisor for the sports industry Matt Powell told the newspaper, β€œThe people going to go on a three-week hike and take everything on their back, that was the ideal consumer 10 years ago. Now, it’s someone driving to a state park, sleeping next to their car in a tent and trying to bring as many creature comforts as they can.”

Closer to home

Surveys show that there are more people being drawn to the outdoors, mingling with others who have been introduced to these adventures ever since they were a child. But the former opts to make the experience closer to what they have at home. They want tools that will make their lives at camp easier.Β 

Merchants also pointed out how the fast-paced lifestyles are making it difficult to embark on excursions that spend more time setting up the older items, leaving them craving for more ways to escape the indoors and explore the outdoors.Β 

For 24-year-old camper Sydney Even, the rocking camp chair she bought helped make people around her more comfortable, especially those who are not experienced on the outdoors. It caters more to the glamping, and should you wish to learn more about this and how it is placing all the difference, subscribe to Primitive Survivor’s Survival Log today.Β Β 

Rent out camping gear

How expensive is it to have your very own outdoor gear? In other news, outdoor experience company Arrives partnered with Reserve America to rent out and deliver camping gear for consumers. Arrive rents and delivers gear, while Reserve America manages reservations for most state and local government parklands.

The products available for rent are from over 40 various brands, which include things like camping for two people, a bike set for an individual, or a six-person tent. They also offer hammocks, headlamps, lanterns, power bank chargers, coolers, portable pressure shower, and more.Β 

Once you have ordered, Arrive will deliver the item to your home, hotel, or a nearby FedEx location for pick-up. What’s best is, they will have the item ready for you early at 8 p.m. before the rent time even starts. Certainly, this is changing the way people camp, making their lives more convenient, without forgetting about being survival-ready. For more news, feel free to browse the website.Β Β 

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