Camping News: Vintage Camper, Increased Monitoring Of Freedom Sites

A family in Minnesota brings out the classic in their camping by recovering and re-using an old Ford school bus as their camper, state newspaper Star Tribune reports. The vintage bus from the 1940s is now changing the way that this family does the outdoors.

β€œMy parents bought a 1940-something Ford school bus in the early 1960s. My dad, Russ, and his best friend, Snick, gutted in and transformed it into a wood-paneled camper on wheels,” shares Dawn Walker in the report.

Calling it β€œThe Magic Bus,” their new camper features two double-sized bunks at the rear, and it also has a bathroom, sink, stove, and refrigerator. Furthermore, the Ford school bus also features more built-in bunks across the other areas of the vehicle.

β€œTo us, the camp is the coolest and most-sacred place ever,” Walker adds.

Where the bus is parked

Walker’s family has been camping for several years and they always like to bring campers with them, as they set up campfires, roast food, and boil gigantic pots of farm fresh sweet corn that they buy form the roadside. They use these as garnish for their fish fry, the report also mentions.

In the campground, they also make homemade potato soup, roast marshmallows – a truly classic camping activity that even children can participate – and make molded pies. When the night falls, they will lounge by the camper to pay tunes with the tambourines and sing together.

Dawn’s aunt offered her place on Island Lake nearby Tamarack in Minnesota to provide parking space for the bus. They have since parked the camper in this area since the campground on Lake Marion nearby the cities closed down, Star Tribute further adds.

β€œSadly, Aunt Jean is gone and so is my father. Jean’s kids have graciously grandfathered us in, and my sister and I and our children are the only ones that still go to the bus some 40-plus years later,” she says. β€œIt’s the most beautiful haven nestled on a lake with private access in the Savanna State Forest. We still have Dad’s dock and his fishing boat, and we cherish every single minute we visit.”

Monitoring increased

Meanwhile, several projects have been enacted in the past across different parts of the world to monitoring campgrounds in order to make sure campers are following regulations. One of these is a recent initiative from New Zealand’s Western Bay of Plenty District Council that have started monitoring freedom camping areas for the kiwifruit harvest season, SunLive reports.

According to the news story, the harvest season for kiwifruit brings together some seasonal workers who would park and sleep inside their vehicles overnight in areas that β€œare not in the District’s permitted freedom camping areas.”

One of the measures that these authorities are planning to implement is visiting people in these areas to make sure that they are aware of the laws, and keep them out of places where they cannot stay overnight. They will also be issuing infringement fines for violators.

The kiwifruit industry is an integral part of the economy of the Plenty sub-region’s western Bay.

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