Camping Tips When Caught In Thunderstorms

Unless you are a storm chaser, thunderstorms during the camp are a boon to every survivalist. You are being tested and weather can be unpredictable almost anytime and anywhere. Even during the summer season, storms may approach along the way. Equipping yourself with the know-how of procedures on what to do when caught in thunderstorms can unleash the silver lining out of this calamity.

Stay away from the tent, and opt for staying in your vehicle

Save your life from what the storm can bring. Though several tents have metal poles built-in the equipment these days, you can never know the impacts that a lightning strike can give. Regardless of the materials, the tent is constructed with, choose to stay in your vehicle while letting the storm pass.

The pitch will be your protection from the storm, not the tent

This tip is in support of the previous one. Website says, β€œUnfortunately, a tent is not a Faraday cage, like a car, which can transfer the enormous current of 20,000 amp from the surface to the ground.”

When selecting the pitch, consider the chance of facing a storm since it can be very challenging and even almost impossible to move camp once a storm is approaching. Campers like you may not be able to search for the suitable pitch for the tent, so making quick decisions and never panicking is necessary.

Away from your vehicle? Avoid higher ground

What if your vehicle is parked far from the campground? Settle down, because there’s an alternative solution if this is the situation. It is advised that you get down to lower altitudes and crouch to the low ground. Do this on your feet and do not stabilize with your hands while on the ground.

Camping with a group? Spread out as much as possible

There’s nothing scarier than camping alone or with a few numbers of companions. Think of the silver lining and take advantage of larger groups. However, be sure that you spread up and not cluster up when the storms have arrived in the location. It minimizes injury when lighting strikes.

Study the area of the camp beforehand

This is the most effective thing you can do to actually prevent several injuries from the storm. While you are looking at unexpected weather disturbances, it still is advantageous for you if you are familiar with the ground before you start the travel to the vicinity. Or, take a crash course of meteorology. See cloud patterns and how they translate to the coming of a storm.

Small caves are not the safest ground

Some campers would run to the nearest cave in order to protect them from the thunderstorm. Not the best option though, since scientifically speaking, lightning can pass through the cave ceiling to the cave floor and bounce back especially with momentum.

Stay away from metal objects

Metal objects like fences and poles may carry electricity from the lightning strike, providing more damage that you think. Also, wet ropes are also electricity conductors so make sure to have them discarded before you seek shelter.

It is very important to have these in mind when camping during thunderstorms. Many campers know the basic emergency measures — including the duck, cover and hold approach. It is great to have these tools as well.

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