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Can A Gun Help You When The World Ends?

The end of the world is such an interesting subject for conversation, whether around a bonfire or while on the road trip. It gives that classic chill and goosebumps, but at the same time, you also have to be prepared to have people around you tag you as drunk or something else.Β 

The question: can guns help you when the world ends? Definitely yes.Β 

One group says the apocalypse is when fireballs hit from the sky. Another group will say it’s zombies. But whichever the interpretation, you are aware of pop culture presenting this day with guns. In fact, there are articles online that even specify the types of guns that are perfect for protecting yourself at the end of times. Here’s a lowdown.


These are categorized as semi-automatic, striker-fired, and polymer-framed pistols. Many different calibers are within its chambers, and they are also manufactured in Austria. The United States also has facilities that make these guns.Β 

Most of these pistols have locked-breech designs and operated with short recoils. Among the most impressive features is the so-called β€œsafe action,” a system of safety built into the weapon to prevent accidental discharges. The system includes safety for the trigger, striker, and for the drop. These features are perfect to control and time the shots, especially that you’ll be needing to fire wisely come the apocalypse.Β 


They are the zombie’s greatest enemies. Carbines are short rifles with barrels at less than 16 inches long. They usually have shorter effective ranges than the rest of the rifle variants, because of their shorter barrel that results in a lower range of sight radius. In history, these are shortened versions of parent rifle designed for horse-drawn troops.Β 

If you need to find guns that are powerful but handy, one that won’t be a burden as you run away from whichever element that the apocalypse may bring, choose a carbine.Β 


Unleash your inner Tomb Raider or Men In Black. If you hear sounds of the end of the world, go to your gun safe and pull the handgun. These short-barrelled firearms can be held and used with one hand, so the other can be utilized for other purposes. The best sub-types are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.Β 

Compared with other guns, these are easier to shoot. Among the features to check out include the bore axis, barrel length, weight, sight radius, and frame. Key characteristics also encompass grip sizes, grip textures, trigger press weight and consistency, trigger travel distance, and proper ammo and caliber.Β 

Three of the most powerful guns to have when the world ends, to protect and perhaps save you. It is man versus the forces of nature. Do you dare to survive?

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