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Choose The Right Color Of Your Fishing Line

Does the color matter when selecting your fishing line? Definitely. In this particular guide from Primitive Survivors, you will learn how the shade affects your catch, and how to select the right hue.Β 

The importance

If you are a beginner and fishing, and perhaps were invited to the sea on a boat or vessel by your mom or your grandfather, you’ll exclaim seeing the gorgeous color of their fishing line. β€œWhat a nice color!” you may exclaim. But did you know that they chose that, well aside from the fact they want to impress you, but because of a practical purpose?Β 

It depends on the situation and the environment.Β 

Clear hues

β€œClear” isn’t a color, but you get the picture. This basic color will be your perfect choice for your applications since they can barely be visible underwater. A good option is a basic clear monofilament fishing line. Another great choice is the Fluorocarbon fishing line. They are very invisible and the perfect choice in clear water. For the fish, it will be very difficult to distinguish this type.Β 


Why is there yellow in the options, you may ask. Isn’t this bright if your aim is to get invisible? They are categorized β€œhigh visibility” and for a purpose. These colors are chosen if you want to aid spot movement in your line. They are perfect for muddy waters to check and monitor activities, and this will also be more visible for your fish if the water is clear.Β 


The green color of the fishing line is also for the invisibility property. You got that right if the waters are green tinted. These are perfect for camouflaging against the fish at the same time. However, fishing lines of this color are considered the versatile version of the yellow if you are all about visibility.Β 


Similar to the green ones, blue fishing lines can blend well with blue-colored waters or at least the color that reflects on them. The best option for this will be the smoke blue Stren line.Β 


You’re looking for this. Red is a highly debated color of the fishing line among anglers. Studies have shown that the color tends to be invisible underwater. However, the argument starts since people who scuba dive see the red as black, which is totally visible from several angles.Β 

Red is also a strategic choice. Ever wondered how the red color is used by fast food chains and restaurants since they are associated with satisfying hunger? Fish under the sea will be very attractive to this color.Β 

Depending on how you need them, and in which areas you fish, choosing the right color will improve your chances of getting a good catch up by multiple notches. Fascinated by our tips? We look forward to seeing you in our promos! Follow Primitive Survivors on social media.

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