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Classic Knives Throughout History

You may have been familiar with modern-day knives for the outdoors, which include machete, hunting knives, and survival knives. Yet since the skill of survival has been present for several centuries even before these modern ones came into the market, there are classic knives that have already been part of history. In this new post on our website, we are going to travel back time and learn which tools are considered historic and classic. Did you know that some of them are still being used in outdoor adventures today?

The Kukri

First on the list is the Kukri, a knife that has become the symbol of Nepalese history and culture, and has been both used for utility and for combat. The farmers from the Himalayas originally used the kukri before evolving to its utility functions. It is characterized by having a short, inwardly curved blade and is also known for their superior and chopping properties. The golden era of the kukri dates back from the early 1800s.

Mark 1 M1918 Trench Knife

Another utility knife that is known in world history is the Mark 1 M1918 Trench Knife, widespread during the first and second World Wars. This knife with a flat, double-sided blade built with a handle either made of bronze or brass is basically used for combat. According to historical data, the knives were only given to army members whose gear collection did not include bayonets. These troopers needed these types of knives for utility and also used them for combat.

Bowie Knife

In various eras, knives can be categorized based on their uses. These categories include combat knives, utility knives, hunting knives, and those used for survival. The Bowie knife has been touted as America’s most iconic survival knife that was named after a leading figure in the Texas Revolution during the 19th century, Jim Bowie. This tool, which edges out the others with its nine- to 15-inch blade and clip point, has been used for chopping wood and skinning animals. Though their uses for combat faded with the arrival of new makes, the Bowie knife is still used for hunting and survival until this very day.

Mora Classic

Then, we take another classic knife that traces its origins from Europe, particularly in Sweden. Mora is built with a barrel handle that supports the grip strongly and has been generally used for outdoors and woodcarving. It has been widely adopted by the bushcraft community. The name comes from a Swedish town best known for being a center of knife manufacturing for several centuries.

Scandinavian LeukuΒ 

Finland’s Sami people traditionally used the Scandinavian Leuku, also known as Sami knife, as an all-around knife for camping. It has been designed to help outdoor survivalists get by and with its performance and properties, its power for many outdoor needs is limitless. It has been used in butchering elk and chopping down firewood. They were also used by people in Norway and Sweden.

Nowadays, these rare knives are challenging to find. They may not be widely offered in the stores where you buy these tools for present-day outdoor leisure, but it is possible to find them in specialty shops. Or, you can connect with avid collectors whose ancestors handed down these knives to them.

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