Climate Change is Real and It’s Time to Join the Preppers

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Climate change is usually a political discussion. Conservatives will tell you it isn’t real, and liberals will say that the sky is falling. Ironically, most preppers are on the right side of politics, meaning they don’t believe in it. But if you don’t know who to believe, trust Science. Climate change is real, and it’s happening.Β 

Every day, we are getting closer to what might be called the Noah Scenario. Scientists expect bigger and more extreme weather events throughout the coming century. Pandemic flu, nuclear weapons, antibiotic resistance, environmental catastrophe, and chronic food shortages also offer realistic threats to civilization.

Impacts of Climate Change

According to studies, unless huge solutions are made, we can expect the following:

  • A collapse in ecosystems including coral reefs, the Amazon rainforest, and the arctic
  • Deadly heat conditions in some parts of the world
  • A huge drop in food production
  • Poorer nations that lack infrastructure will become unlivable
  • Sea levels will rise, leading to great storm surges, high tides, and fewer fisheries.Β 
  • Climate migration. National Geographic states that up to 143 million people could become displaced by water scarcity and crop failure.Β 
  • Capitalism will be at risk as we will have to confront climate change, and that will inevitably mean the end of the cheap energy that has fueled the economic expansion. An economy built on consuming more and more will come to an end.

Climate Change will Draw More People to Prepping

Once you see the facts and realize that there are many reasons to prepare, reason follows that you must prep. Just like the events of 9/11, the government’s poor response to Katrina, and the Great Recession, climate change will draw another wave of people to prepping. In fact, it might just be the biggest wave ever! They will be younger, as today’s youth face more of the consequences of global warming.Β 

When to Leave Your Home

You should leave your home when you have no more choice. When soldiers are on your street, your neighbors have begun to steal from you and plague-sufferers are camped in your drive – or perhaps slightly before all that. You leave when SHTF.

It’s important to have a bugout bag ready at all times, as you may not have much warning on when you should leave. Leave your home at night to get away from danger and so as not to get followed.

What You Should Prepare

Water, fire and light, hunting and survival tools, food and cooking equipment, medical supplies, maps, communications, clothing, shelter, weaponry, miscellaneous useful items and the bag itself are the major categories for consideration, which should give you an idea of how much you have to buy, pack and think about

The key is for your bag and its inclusions to last for seven days. It’s impossible to pack 7 days worth of food when you still have your family with you, so it’s important to have tools that will help you trap and snare animals for dinner.Β 

There are many ways you can prepare, and bugging out is just one way. Climate change can cause civil unrest, extreme weather conditions, violence, etc. Some will prep by gardening in case of food shortages, others will learn how to preserve their food. There may be some who will start stocking up on food and locking down their house for safety. It’s really up to you on what you think is the most justifiable way to prep for the event.

Climate Change Preppers Should be Welcomed

It’s alright even if they don’t align with the typical prepper’s political beliefs, since the more preppers, the better. If your neighbor is prepared, and so is your neighbor’s neighbor, that means greater security for you WTSHTF. Every prepared person means one less hungry person looking for what you might have.Β 

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