Common Camping Mistakes To Avoid

Nobody wants a camping activity that has gone awry because of missing out on important guidelines. After all, the outdoor recreation still counts as an investment of time and money. You have spent weeks, perhaps months or even a year, blocking off some days on your calendar and scheduling the camp with your family members or friends. Before you even commit these mistakes, it’s time to get to know them a bit better. We’re listing down the top mistakes to avoid during the camp.

Setting up in the dark

Even if you have the grace of the moonlight or the presence of the stars β€œto guide you,” these are never reasons to begin setting up after dark. Many advanced campers have warned against preparing everything in the dark and has called this a β€œcamping nightmare.” Aside from the difficulty of prepping things up without natural light, you do not want to cause any commotion.

How to avoid: Several campsites set a check-in time for their patrons and it is usually in the afternoon. It is also possible to have it during the day but if you want to stay away from the scorching sun for a while, you can do it before the sun sets. Wait for the previous campers to pack up as well.

Acquiring all the latest equipment

Admit it or not, some campers in your group can brag about their latest gears and tools. This is not totally bad at all, but remember, you want to stay as primitive as possible whenever you go camping. Whether it is in mountainous regions or in the deciduous forests, bringing everything to balance is key.

How to avoid: Plan your preparation well, and this involves getting organized about the things you will bring. Ask yourself if these gadgets or fancy tents can ultimately help or they can just obstruct the activities that you’ll do in the venue. If you have these gears with you, be sure they are properly working so test them beforehand. Otherwise, the point of bringing them into the camp is of no value.

Forgetting warm clothes

But we’re camping in the summer — sometimes, the key is never to be fooled by the hot temperatures of the season. You cannot predict nature and there are particular moments when even during the summer, temperatures can drop in the places you are in. You cannot drive your back to your houses only to pick up these clothing.

How to avoid: Always include warm clothes to protect you from the cold when camping.

Having no plan B’s

The secret to successful camping is in the passion for backup plans. Always have Plan B, that you’ll be ready to claim just like an umbrella amidst the rain.

How to avoid: Prepare backup batteries for your flashlights, for instance. Bring wireless chargers for your mobile phones, or bring solar-powered equipment. Health wise, do not leave your first aid kits.

Essential tips that will be helpful as you go along the adventure. These are just some of the common ones and certainly, you can have more as you go further. Get yourselves ready.

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