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Concealed Weapons: The Best Way To Protect Yourself

Self-defense is something that people think they know a lot. On the dinner table, families would usually talk about reminding each other to keep safe while outside. Moms would usually hypothetically ask her sons or daughters what they’ll do if met with danger outside. It’s easy to say that you will punch the threat on the face, or pin them down. But once you are in the exact scenario, this is when you’ll realize things can get difficult.

Enter: concealed weapons. What are these and what can they do to protect you?

Concealed weapons defined

These weapons are used in practice. Also known as concealed carry, the practice of carrying a handgun or any practical weapon in a concealed or hidden way is differentiated from carrying the gun in a noticeable manner, such as with the police offers or law enforcement members. These are used mostly by detectives and undercover agents. Civilians who desire to carry concealed weapons should be informed of permissions from their state.

Why carry a concealed weapon

Crime is the number one reason that people carry these weapons, and if you think that this will encourage even more of these activities, think again. First, people do this for personal safety. Either you are walking home at night, buying items in the grocery store in the ungodly hours, or simply a way to make sure that you are secure, these weapons are for personal safety. They are often carried by people who work in the graveyard shift since many criminal activities happen at these hours.

How about at home? Concealed weapons are also used to protect the entire family from danger like burglary or assault. These guns are placed in where it is easy to grab them when an emergency arises. Thirdly, it is also an exercise of your right since the constitution rules out that citizens have the right to carry guns provided that they meet requirements.

Finally, concealed carry has also been used during recreational activities when a person is around people they do not know, like in social drinking spheres, billiard games, or maybe inside a certain building when coming to a fitness class. Many law enforcement agencies are apprehensive about it and post signages of not bringing guns by the checkpoint entrance area. But these concealed weapons are different, they are to promote safety more than arrogance.

Tips to remember

Now, how can one carry a concealed weapon? One of the initial checkpoints is to see the sizes of the guns. It will be more concealed if the gun of choice is of the smaller size. However, should you find a larger-sized one, you have to adjust in terms of your clothing to keep it concealed. One of the things you can do is to wear a jacket. You can also choose darker-colored ones.

If you choose to wear a jacket, you can have a shoulder holster with you to hold the weapon more firmly in place. Aside from these, you also need to practice pulling the gun from its concealed spot.


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