Conflicted: The Survival Card Game

Conflicted the Game is a card game that can facilitate a serious conversation between experienced preppers, or just be a good time between folks who enjoy strategy and player-based card games. The 54-card decks are good quality and can double as regular playing cards as well (poker, blackjack, etc). Each card presents a different scenario or situation that must be analyzed and overcome. Survivalogics has pushed out a series of Conflicted the Game decks, with themes ranging from financial collapse to nuclear fallout.

To begin the game, you must assemble a small group of folks, shuffle the deck and choose a player to go first. The player then reads the scenario on the card to the person on the left of him. That person is permitted 3 minutes to answer, and no other players are permitted to speak during this time. Once the player has finished answering, the other players rate the answer on a scale of 1 to 3. Once the scoring has concluded, the players may discuss the answer and varying opinions with regard to the scenario. The player with the most points at the end wins. There are other ways to play the game also, one of the 54 cards contains the original rules as well as several other spin offs.

Survival Scenarios Deck

The β€œSurvival Scenarios” deck requires its players to assume that modern civilization is collapsing and the end of the world as we know it is here. The scenarios inscribed on the cards tend to lean toward group survival in the midst of apocalyptic circumstances. For example, one card asks players to detail what kind of leadership structure works best for group survival. Another card poses the question of how to recruit allies without making yourself a target for those who would take advantage of you and yours. Though one might insinuate from the title of the deck that the questions and scenarios presented would touch on forms of firecraft, water purification or elements of primitive survival, β€œSurvival Scenarios” takes the concept of survival to a post-apocalyptic, communal experience… and delivers.

The deck on the whole is a solid compilation of problems you don’t ever want to have to solve. The most engaging element of the scenarios is the way in which each of them pits morality against pragmatism. The only criticism of the β€œSurvival Scenarios” deck that we have is minimal, in that it does not necessarily allow for players to test their wilderness survival knowledge. But the good news is, it doesn’t look like Survivalogic is slowing down anytime soon. More decks (and deck reviews) to come.


Survival Scenarios:

Number of players: 2-12

Play Time: 20-60 mins

Publisher: Survivalogics


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