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Critter CafΓ©: Insects for Food Energy

While the notion of living off of the land in a survival situation is doable, it is anything but glamorous. Hollywood-esque visions of hunting down big game and pulling giant fish from rushing rivers are not only unrealistic but completely misguided. The cold hard reality of finding food in a survival situation is creepy, crawly and small. Eating insects and smaller animals is far more sustainable and realistic in terms of staying alive. Here are our top picks for critter cuisine.


Asian cultures have been eating cicadas for centuries. Native Americans made quick snacks of these critters as well. With a taste that is similar to asparagus, cicadas are high in protein and if boiled have they taste of shrimp. If eaten raw, cicadas have a nutty flavor. In the American south and the north eastern parts of the United States, cicadas are both abundant and loud.


Incredibly rich in nutrients, difficult to catch but easy to find, crickets are an excellent source of food energy in a survival situation. Look for crickets under logs, rocks, or in dark and damp places. Habitats with tall grass are also ideal.


The best part about using grubs as a source of food energy is how abundant they are. Calories, fat and protein are all present in large grubs, you need only dig beneath the surface of woody environments. Eating grubs raw, though not romantic, doesn’t taste all that bad.


There are many different species of earthworms throughout the United States. All of them are safe to eat but they need to be purged before you eat them. Frying these critters is a great idea, but keep in mind that you will need a great deal of them to attain a legitimate nutritional value.


Although some slugs eat toxic mushrooms as opposed to plant material, they are a solid form of food energy not to be overlooked in the damp woods. You needn’t worry about the poisonous mushroom thing if you are harvesting your slugs in the winter or summer. Fried, boiled, or stir-fried slugs are great nutritional

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