Cross-Eye Dominance Drills

More common than folks think, cross-eye dominance can greatly deter shooters who would otherwise take to the shooting sports like fish to water. Cross-eye dominance is what happens when someone has opposite hand-eye domination. For example, someone can be right-handed, but left-eye dominant. The reason this causes hindrance in the world of shooting sports is because cross-eye dominance can cause a shooter’s aim to be pulled toward the dominant eye. But just because a shooter may have this problem does not mean they are doomed in the world of marksmanship. Here are a couple ways to work around and work out the bad habits that come along with cross-eye dominance. The most important thing to note about both of these solutions is that they both require legitimate practice time. You can’t stamp out a bad habit without taking the time and putting in the work.

Switch Sides

The US military has a simple, albeit not easy, fix for cross-eye dominance. An estimated 1/3 of all right-handed shooters are actually left-eye dominant. The way the military has traditionally dealt with it is by having the shooter change to the non-dominant hand. To be clear, this means shoulder-firing the rifle form the non-dominant hand. This provides the easiest alignment for the dominant eye. This is also a great way to develop ambidextrous skills that can help in self-defense scenarios. For people who are shooting pistols or carbines in CQB scenarios, knowing how to shoot ambiidextirously is a must.

Eye Patch

Another option when it comes to curbing the ill effects of cross-eye dominance is to use an eye patch. The methodology behind this is that strengthening the less dominant eye will fix the problem. This works for some folks, as does the aforementioned method of changing to the non-dominant hand. Sure, you may look like a pirate out there on the shooting range, however by wearing an eye patch over your dominant eye you can strengthen the muscles in your less-dominant eye.

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