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Customizing the AK47

As an excellent all-around SHTF gun, you just can’t beat the AK. It is durable, well-made and simple to operate. So simple is its design that you could call it pragmatically perfect. It needs very little and can do a whole lot. But the AK47 was made in 1947, and a lot has changed since then. There are a few ways that the rifle can be brought into the modern age and adapted to function even more efficiently. The best part is that it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Here’s how.

Sliding Stock

The original AK47s are heavy, wooden, and dare we say a bit on the clunky side when it comes to the furniture. This can deter some shooters who are on the smaller side, given that carrying a rifle with a heavy wood stock can be burdensome in a SHTF scenario. It can also limit the size of the shooter, given that the original gun was made with larger-framed individuals in mind. Putting a sliding, also known as telescoping, stock on the AK is a great way to remedy this. There are even models out there that slide, and side-fold, making the rifle easier to store or transport.

Quad Rail System

The traditional wooden foregrip on the AK is great if you are looking to keep your weapon looking traditional. But in this day and age, having weapon-mounted lights can be a real game changer. Sure, in a true SHTF scenario, you don’t want to depend on too much that is electronic. But you can’t go wrong with a good flashlight on your rifle. A picatinny quad rail system is a solid upgrade, and often lightens up the front end of the gun also. Even if you’re a die-hard, no-lights-or-lasers kind of guy, this is still a solid upgrade. A quad rail provides the option of attaching an extended handgrip or hand-stopper, which is a great edition to a SHTF gun.

Scope Mount

While the AK is often looked-down upon when it comes to accuracy, this understanding sometimes gets blown out of proportion. No, the AK isn’t ever going to be a sub-MOA, tack-driving sharpshooter, but it will do the job just fine out to 200 yards. The old AKs don’t come with a scope rail, though many of the newer American-made models do. If you have an oldie-but-goody in your battery, and are looking to upgrade it, a proper scope mount is an excellent choice. You can then pair the gun with a red-dot, or more traditional scope.

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