Diesel Fuel for Cleaning Rust

Guns and tools that must weather the onslaught of the elements require maintenance. There’s just no way around it. How many times have you come home from the hunt, only to neglect the necessary element of cleaning the weapon that put food on the table? Then, months later, you pull that rifle out and see the telltale signs of orange and brown rust.Β  It happens. Rust on a rifle can affect performance in the field. Perhaps even more importantly, it can affect morale. No one feels good about pulling their weapon from the case, safe or vault, only to find it coated in the color of neglect. Even more importantly, what if you didn’t have the tools needed to keep that rust off your rifle? What if you were in a serious SHTF situation and you needed to find a way to clean that weapon to the fullest? Here is a simple, no-nonsense answer: diesel. If you live on a ranch, a rural setting, or just happen to be the kind of self-reliant individual who keeps an eye on these sort of things, you likely have access to diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is great for running working vehicles, but it is also wonderful when it comes to making fires or cleaning tools. Diesel is particularly effective when it comes to cleaning firearms that have been exposed to moisture, heavy rain and humidity. Soaking your disassembled weapons in small Tupperware containers of diesel is an excellent way to prime these gun parts for cleaning. The oil in diesel fuel not only helps the cleaning process when it comes to rust, but also serves to coat your gun parts. If you were in a difficult situation where gun cleaning solutions were not readily available, siphoning a bit of gas from a ranch vehicle or truck could ensure that your weapon is both functional and clean. Simply disassemble your weapons parts, soak them in a container filled with diesel fuel, and scrub the parts down accordingly. This basic hack could save you and the life of your weapons when the time comes and resources are in short order.

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