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Different Backpacking Tips to Make Your Trip Easier

Planning that long trip or camping spree for days means that you need to bring things with you. Things that will ensure your survival and optimum adventures like drinking water and your gears. Your backpack and backpacking are crucial for you to bring your necessity with you on your travel. In this post, we will give you some backpacking tips to make your trip easier, fun and awesome.

Backpacking in a nutshell

Backpacking is carrying your clothes in your travel and is usually associated with taking low-cost trips using public transportation in traveling. It can mean traveling, hiking and camping with your backpack.

Backpacking tips are techniques you can do in order to maximize your space in your backpack and reduce your weight in order to have a safe, comfortable and enduring travel.

Backpacking tips you should know

  1. Size matters

We understand that you wanted as much as possible to bring all your things on the trip. It’s easy to look for backpacks that are bigger in size compared to medium-sized. Don’t make this mistake, you should consider that you’ll carry it on your shoulders and if its weight is heavier you may end up hurting yourself. Choose only medium-sized ones that you’re comfortable carrying around.

  1. Roll your clothes

To save space in your backpack roll your clothes and fit them to your backpack. You’ll be amazed at the space that you’re able to save by simply doing this tip.

  1. Plastic bags

Bring some plastic bags to separate your wet clothes you used in your swimming from your dry ones. Plastic bags will also help you separate your other things like hygiene kits, medicines and important documents from your daily clothes. It will help you stay organized all throughout the trip and avoid a messy backpack.

  1. Container for your foods

Bring a separate container for your food storage. This will help you to avoid spoilage and contamination of your food. It will also help you identify and locate easily your food.

  1. Lock your backpack

It’s easy to be out of guard during your trip and focus yourself in enjoying. Don’t forget to lock your backpack to ensure all your things are safe away from prying eyes and thieves. You won’t like your things searched and your money went gone do you? Better be vigilant than sorry later on.

  1. Calculate your weight

Reduce as much as possible on the weight on the things in your backpack. You can bring some sachets of your shampoo and toothpaste. You can buy some of these later on once you run out of it instead of bringing a toothpaste tube.

  1. Gaffer tape

Use gaffer tape for fixing holes and scratches of your backpack to save you headaches later on.

  1. Minimalist mindset on your clothing

You’ll not join a fashion show or a shooting for a film or documentary so it’s useless to bring many clothes with you. Bring only some clothes to save space and weight. Remember that you’ll buy a souvenir from your trip.

  1. Identify your backpack

Put some mark or tie a ribbon or colors in your backpack to identify it as your luggage once you go on luggage checking at the airport or ports. You can save time finding your backpack and enjoy your time instead of viewing and strolling.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Practice putting all your things in your backpack and see for yourself some adjustments that you need to do. You can also spot space and weight needs or allowances for your usage.

  1. Only the essentials

On your first night, bring out only the things you’ll need in your room so that you will not go in the motion of unpacking your things. Bring out your hygiene kits and personal things in your reach.

  1. Personal list

Make your own list of the things you need and want. We have individual differences so no reason to compare your list with other travelers. Prioritize bringing on the things you need not on your wants.

  1. Communicate with your buddy

If you’re backpacking as a group or in two ask your buddy on the things he will be bringing and plan your things together. In this way, you can both save space and reduce weight by not bringing the same items with you on your trip.

  1. An affordable but quality backpack

Check on survival, preppers or camping shops on an affordable yet quality backpack that will outlast all your adventures or can stay for the longest period. If you can afford to buy a tactical backpack because of its materials and design.

  1. Travel insurance

Get some travel insurance to cover you from accidents and medical confinements. It’s better to prepare than be caught off guard when emergencies happen.

Backpacking Finale

We gave you some of the backpacking tips you can use for your fun and awesome travel. Our main goal is to let you have that comfortable, enjoyable and awesome backpacking experience.

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