Different Hunting Setups For Your Truck

There are times when the secret to having an organized hunt is to arrange your truck, and how it will accommodate stuff, more than choosing the right truck. Even if you have a second-hand truck, you can always ace this part of the game. How can you build the best hunting rig, and what are the examples?

Tips to consider

  • Have a reliable truck. You can take a look at having a used truck, particularly a used 4WD truck, because this will most probably cater to paint getting scratched out of the elements you have, catching mud on the interior, or maybe dripping blood from a hunted game. This includes having a truck that has a bed of at least six inches in length, and you will need this if you will sleep in the back of your vehicle.Β 
  • The truck cap. Buying a truck cap is very helpful because it turns the monotonous setup into a location where, no matter how big or small your vehicle is, you can cook food, store equipment, lock important items, and sleep in the truck. In here, you can find a safer place to bring your items in one location without getting very disorganized. All by having this cap.Β 



  • Add a storage unit. For more organization, you can choose to add a storage unit. Features to look for include solid construction, easy installation, weather protected, and problem-free. It also provides a secure storage area where you can organize gear in the truck.Β 
  • Purchase a hitch carrier. This allows you to store coolers or gas at the back of the truck. The item will avoid having to fowl the room with gas fumes, and you can easily access the food and drinks with this. However, you might want to also invest in extra gas with this.Β 

Notable examples

Texas Top Drive

Several hunters have used the Texas Top Drive for whitetail hunting, in particular, and in the southern portion of the United States. Generally, the vehicle is considered solutions-based, suiting every need.Β 

This rig has top drive features. First, it resolves the issue of having a view since there are several trees that are large enough to hold a stand. It has a mobile blind that can match any SUV or full-sized truck. Hunters would improve the rear suspension to hold more weight and build a platform made of steel. There are also options to add combined powder coat primer through a layer of sprayed bed liner. The truck has a removable canopy during the summer. There are also options that include swivel chairs, benches, gun racks, gearboxes, and coolers.Β 

One Sweet Rig

Having multiple gear and equipment to arrange is a total disaster if there’s no organization. This particular option uses the GMC Sierra 3500 HD, featuring an eight-foot bed and an extended wheelbase. To customize, the hunter removed the bed and re-built the top with Mountaintop Custom Kennels. This gives it perfect to be used alongside canine and dogs while hunting.Β 

Moreover, the boxes are insulated and have ventilated louvers on the doorways. Whether it is cold or hot in the climate, they can offer the best ventilation possible. The goal of every hunting rig is to promote self-sufficiently in all angles.Β 

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