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Different Mobile Apps That Protect Your Kids Outdoors

Your kids are your best treasure in life and as a parent, you strive to ensure theyโ€™re always protected. Within your home and especially during outdoor activities safety is your first concern. We got good news for you because technology will help you with this. In this post, we will give you some of the mobile apps that will ensure to protect your kids while outdoors. Enjoyment and being carefree of your kids outdoors should not come with a price and we believe in this. It should only be reward, fun, and safety always.

This is awesome, right?

Kids tracking device in a nutshell

One of the important concerns, when youโ€™re kids, are in the outdoors is to monitor their location and whereabouts. Kids tracking device is a big help on this. The unique features of kids tracking device are the following:

  • ย Real-time location

You can track real-time the whereabouts of your kids and monitor if they are in the safe zone outdoors. If the device detects that they are in a dangerous place it will send you a signal or alert for you to be able to warn your kids.

  • Notification alert

You will have a notification on your device once your kids arrived and leave a place.

  • User-friendly

This app will not disturb your kid’s devices once installed and it is easy to use you donโ€™t need to be computer savvy.

Your Kid mobile protection apps

FamiSafe Tracker for Kids

FamiSafe is a quality phone monitoring application that protects your kids from harmful online content. It is mainly designed to supervise and manage your kid devices from online threats. This locator app is designed for both Android and iOS devices.


  • Adult content protection

This app blocks any inappropriate online content to protect your kids by app blocker and web filter. FamiSafe also blocks adult content in private browsing mode.

  • ย Location tracking

Real-time location tracking and location history records of your kids.

  • Daily schedule setting

With app activity reports and smart schedule features, parents can give kids reasonable bedtime and help build focus in homework time.

  • Dangerous Content detection

FamiSafe gives giving parents flexible keywords setting and real-time warnings to signs like cyberbullying, adult content, sexual harassment or depression on main social media apps.


This is a family locator service. It allows the parents to know the location of their kids by sharing their real-time location. It is designed for devices running on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android.


  • Geofencing

Youโ€™ll get notifications when your kids arrive and leaves a place making you monitor them.

  • Send message together

In case of urgent situations and emergencies, you can send a message with your location.

PhoneSheriff for Kids

PhoneSheriff is one of the best kid tracker apps used to track any smartphone location. It also enables the user to access other content such as call history, web history and much more.


  • GPS location tracking
  • ย Access call history
  • Web browser history
  • Access SMS

Kids safety online and outdoors your responsibility

Ensuring our kids are safe always will allow us peace of mind and the enjoyment of their childhood. ย We gave you some of the apps that can help you monitor your kids outdoors. You can find many of them in the market today. Choose which app perfectly fits your requirements and needs so that it will be effective to you.

Check us daily for more insights on your kid’s safety outdoors.

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