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Different Types of Knives for Survival

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We all have our own preferences and differing reasons for knives. Although having a knife for survival is not enough when living off the land because you still need to learn solid outdoor skills, it’s still fair to say that the quality and usefulness of your knife could be the difference between life and death. There is no more iconic piece of survivalequipment than the blade. Continue reading to learn some of the different types of knives you need for survival!

Swiss Army Knife

This is an iconic, multi-purpose, multi-bladed, and multi-tooled knife of the boy scouts. These knives usually do not have locking blades, are not for doing heavy work, and required both hands to open and close safely. They are versatile and lightweight. They come in real handy when you are missing your tool kit! Most models have a key ring so you can attach them to your car or house keys.Β 

Bushcraft Woodcarver

Woodcarving blades have been popularized by Mors Kochanski, the living legends of the north woods, and his acolytes. Sweedish woodcarving blades have in fact become one of the most popular wilderness blades on the market. They are rugged, easy to sharpen, and dirt cheap. Price starts around $12-$15. You could buy ten for the price of one name-brand survival knife.Β 


A bushcraft woodcarver is necessary for survival since most tasks you’ll need to do revolve around woodworking. From cutting the sticks to make traps and other gear to carving a friction fire set, you’ll need a dependable woodcutter that is easy to field sharpen, and this is the best one for the price.

Tactical Folder

The tactical folder is a type of pocket knife that you can deploy effortlessly and with any hand. It is designed for you to deploy it with one hand, and it comes with a belt clip allowing one to affix it to a belt, a pocket, or any thin sturdy piece of material.Β 

Tactical folders are tactical since they can be used from any position, whether you’re lying on your back, tied to a tree, or have another hand occupied! They are also designed to fit in a pocket since the blade is only 3-6 inches long. Campers, Hikers, Soldiers, Police, Firefighters, Medics, Workers, and the general public carry and use tactical folders.Β 

Self-Defense Blade

Self-defense blades are made with hand-to-hand fighting in mind and utility as the second purpose. Go for a single-edged, high carbon steel straight blade with a clip point so you can thrust and slash. Smaller knives, such as folders, can also be designed for the business of self-defense. These blades are often used as a backup for firearms. Whether big or small, a self-defense blade should be rugged and razor-sharp. They should also have a penetrating blade tip.

Hunting Knife

For survival purposes, you want to have at least one hunting knife sharp and ready for hunting.Β 

The hunting knife is a fixed blade knife designed for the tasks that you encounter while on the trail of the game. It helps you skin and animal and field strip the animal for food. The blades of hunting knives are usually wide, relatively slim, and have a single straight cutting edge. Some models have a gut hook for opening the belly of an animal without puncturing its internal organs and tainting the meat.

These knives are not made for stabbing so some blades have a curved edge for cutting and slicing. When you are able to field strip an animal once they are killed, you don’t have to carry a single large animal back home or to cam anymore.Β Β 

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