Different Ways Your Canine Companion Can Help When Hunting

Dogs are man’s best friend, even in the woods. They are adorable companions, and several dog breeds are also reliable partners during the hunt. Not all of them are created equal nevertheless, and there are breeds that are more adept at hunting like the rest, while others produce effective hunters.Β 

Humans and dogs have been hunting together for several years. In these ages, humans have specifically bred and trained to hunt. Both pure and mixed breeds can make great hunters. It all depends on the training. In this blog, we are having a look at the ways your canine companion can help when hunting.

Their skills

Dogs are companions in hunting and help out in the following ways.

  • They help to locate and to flush out deer
  • They also locate, bail, and hold feral pigs
  • They locate, flush out, and retrieve game birds
  • They find rabbits, foxes, and hares

There are also particular situations that well-trained dogs assist in detecting and flushing out animals before the shoot. However, you must always practice control and proper training in order to still follow ethical hunting practices.Β 

Strategies to keep in mind

No canine companion can help first, if you don’t train them, and second if you are unaware of the most effective strategies. Here are a few of them.Β 


  • Sight hunting. Dogs are particularly useful in this activity because you have yet to discover the game. Their strong sense of smell reduces the amount of time needed to find prey.Β 
  • Stand hunting. They may also be trained in this common method for deer hunting. It pertains to having the hunter select a location and wait for the animals to reveal themselves.Β 
  • Driving. This involves making noise intentionally in order to scare the game and force them to show themselves in the open. Dogs are among the best companions for these techniques.Β 


Choosing the right breeds

The topmost priority upon the selection fo the hunting dog depends on the game. The gun dog types instead of the hounds are perfect if you are aiming for quails or pheasants. The rationale is that hound dogs are designed to pursue games that require barking and with these silent hunts, it won’t be practical to have them. In conclusion, find out about what you are hunting before choosing the right dog breed.Β 

Secondly, the hunting method can also contribute to the selection of the breed. Here are a few examples. Upland hunters will have to find a gun dog to locate birds, specifically spaniels. Moreover, coonhounds, beagles, bassets, and tackles are known for howling while following a track. Another silent dog breed are curs.Β 

It is also deemed effective to research on bloodlines, connecting with breeders, and taking a look at the entire set of breeds as you head over finding your perfect dog. You’ll have their common special trait, however, which is, being close to humans.

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