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DIY Gunpowder

While many people know that it is important to work on skills that may be needed when SHTF, the resources required to survive and defend yourself in a worst-case scenario are not easily come by once the stores close their doors.
Gunpowder will not be easily come by should infrastructure collapse. It is a vital resource that the self-reliant prepper is going to need to know how to make. Gunpowder can be used for everything from propellant to emergency first aide.
Here’s a solid recipe that can be put to use in dire times, with little effort and a minimum amount of expense.


Kitchen sieve
Mortar and pestle
Elemental sulfur

Step 1: Using the mortar and pestle, grind saltpeter, charcoal and elemental sulfur down into small granules. Do so separately, and remember to clean the mortar and pestle after each grinding session. You may need to use a hammer to break up the charcoal first.
Step 2: Using the scale, measure your components. Make sure to use the correct measurements, this is EXTREMELY important. You will need to use 74.8% saltpeter, 13.3% charcoal, and 11.9% elemental sulfur.

Step 3: Slightly moisten the powders before mixing them. Place all the powders into a bowl and grind them together for approximately 10 minutes. Add 8% of water to the mixture, to improve the gunpowder’s burning ability. You should mix the ingredients until they resemble the texture of clay. Form a ball out of the powder.

Step 4: Using the sieve, corn your powder mixture, collecting it on dry paper below. Allow the powder to dry, and store it in a safe place.

Note: It is absolutely essential that you keep your build area safe, meaning away from any open flame whatsoever. You need to exercise extreme caution at all times when making gunpowder.

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