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DIY Raccoon Nail Trap

While most states have their own laws regarding the ethics and equipment that can be used to trap animals, in a SHTF scenario, anything goes and food is food. One of the most easily available sources of food throughout the country is raccoon. In fact, in some parts of the US it is a downright delicacy. Raccoons exist in almost all 50 states, in both rural and suburban habitats. While their little human-like hands afford them a great deal of advantages when it comes to breaking into chicken coops or opening cupboards, a raccoon’s hand can be precisely what gets him caught in the act.

Here is an easy, no-nonsense raccoon trap you can make at home, at very little expense.


Birdhouse with single circular entry hole
4 long screws or nails
Screwdriver or hammer

Step 1: Using your power screwdriver, screw 4, sharp screws into the face of the birdhouse at 45 degree angles.

Step 2: Bait the trap, using sardines. Make sure that the chunks of bait are visible in your trap.

Step 3: Chain the trap to a tree, or nail it into a stump.

With a hand-trap like this, the raccoon will be tempted to reach its hand all the way into the birdhouse, to grab the bait. After sliding its hand into the trap, the animal will not be able to get his hand out. The angle of the sharp screws will hold the raccoon’s hand in place.

Note: Always check your local fish and game laws before attempting to trap or hunt animals. Some trapping methods are not legal, depending on your location and the law.

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