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DIY Raised Cheek-Piece Install

There’s nothing worse than wiggling around behind your hunting rifle, trying to find the sweet spot for your cheekweld, while keeping your eye in line with the scope. The time lost during this necessary adjustment can mean the difference between putting meat on the ground and eating tag soup.

As more and more modern scopes on the market now sport 50mm objectives lenses, keeping the shooter’s eye in line with the scope is becoming increasingly necessary. Target shooters and competition marksmen often use custom rifle stocks that have an adjustable cheek-piece. The goal being, to raise the shooter’s eye in line with the scope. The same goal can be achieved by purchasing a rifle with a Monte Carlo stock. But for regular guys shooting budget rifles like the Ruger American, or the Savage Axis, purchasing new furniture that will cost more than the gun itself just isn’t pragmatic. But purchasing and installing your own adjustable, raised cheek-piece is. Here’s how:


Cheek-piece and screws
Black marker

First, place your cheek-piece on the stock of your rifle. Using tape (masking or electrical tape works great), tape off where you want the cheek-piece to be set. It is going to take you a moment to make sure that the cheek-piece suits you comfortably in an optimum position.

Using a sharpie, mark where you will be drilling your holes. Make sure to be as precise as possible, as you will not have the cheek-piece to help guide your direction when the drilling starts.

Okay, this is the scary part. After sizing your drill bit to accommodate the diameter of the screws you will be using, it’s time to drill. Start drilling slowly and push all the way through to the other side. After drilling both holes, place the cheek-piece back on the rifle stock and try to push your screws through. It is quite possible that you will need to do a little bit of quality control by coring out the holes a little bit.

After your screws are through, you will want to adjust the cheek-piece so that it suits your personal comfort with regard to your scope. Lastly, shoulder your rifle. If you’ve done this properly you should experience a noticeable difference in how quickly you can acquire your cheekweld and reticle acquisition.

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