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DIY Reloading Bench

For hunters and target shooters looking to enhance their accuracy, handloading your own ammunition is the way to go. While the prospect of that can be rather intimidating to some folks, all it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and homework to make handloads a reality for your rifle.

Building your bench is the first step. While plenty of commercial reloading benches exist out there, you don’t need to look too far beyond the scope of regular everyday stuff to get things started. Any old desk will do, provided that it is sturdy enough to be drilled into. Once you have your reloading press, here’s how to go about setting up your bench, in less than an hour or so.

If you are choosing an old school desk, which are easily procured and cheap, be prepared to lose the function of one of the pull-out drawers. This is a small price to pay for what you’re going to get out of it.


1, 3-foot piece of Β ΒΎ-inch plywood
6, #10, 3 Β½ inch screws
Power screwdriver
Black sharpie
Wrench set

Start by taking your sharpie and tracing the outline of your reloading press onto the plywood. This will allow you to see about how much plywood you need to use. Then, leaving no-less-than 6-inches from your traced outline, mark where you will cut the plywood.

Next, cut your plywood accordingly. Keep in mind that a portion of the plywood is going to hang over the edge of your desk. In particular, the part that your reloading press is going to be drilled and set into.

Using your power screwdriver, attach the cut piece of plywood to the edge of the desk. Be aware that this is the portion of the build that will likely require you to sacrifice the top drawer of a desk like the one featured above.

Now, using your reloading press to determine the location of where the holes need to be, pre-tap your screw holes using a drill bit.

Lastly, using your socket wrench and the screws that came with your bullet press, attach the bullet press to the edge of the plywood.

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