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DIY Smoke Signal Flare

In a true survival, SHTF situation, the ability to set off a signal flare and let a search party know where you are, could be crucial. Likewise, in a scenario where you may need to conceal yourself from those who will do you harm, deploying smoke is a smart tactical decision.
Traditional signal flares can be expensive to buy, even if you are only grabbing one or two of them when you get a chance. But with a little bit of ingenuity and a few things from around your house, you can do it on the cheap. Here’s how:


1 pound of white sugar
1 pound of stump cleaner, potassium nitrate (KNO3)
1 cooking pot
Toilet paper roll
Wooden spoon
Cardboard box
1 Tupperware container
Fuse: check your local laws regarding pyrotechnics before attempting to purchase or create your own fuses. If you are interested in creating your own DIY fuses, and know you are within your rights, check out:


1. Seal the bottom of your toilet paper-roll hull. Using a cardboard box, cutting a circular piece that covers the bottom and gluing it in place, works well.

2. Pour a 60% ratio of potassium nitrate, together with a 40% ratio of white sugar into your Tupperware container. Mix carefully.
3. Place your mix into the cooking pot. Set the pot on medium heat.
4. Using your wooden spoon, stir the mix and look for the white powder to start carmelizing into a brown paste. It will become thicker and thicker. When it reaches a place that is the consistency of pudding, scoop it in to your cardboard hull.
5. Place your fuse into the center of the gooey mixture while it is still wet. Make sure your fuse goes all the way into the bottom of your cardboard toilet paper hull. If it doesn’t, you will not be able to get the full amount of smoke that you want out of your flare.
5. Let it dry.

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