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DIY Taxidermy: Wings

There are few feelings quite as satisfying as taking wild game. But what feels even better is being able to preserve it for posterity, all on your own. Taxidermy not only allows us to utilize as much of an animal as possible, but it also helps us honor the memory of the animal and a successful hunt. DIY taxidermy, allows us to further personalize the experience as well as save a little money.

While it takes siginicantly more space, time and materials to do something like a deer rug or a bear hide all on your own, birds present a great DIY taxidermy opportunity for folks who are interested in it.

The below method of taxicermy will work for any type of bird wing, including turkey fans. It’s both simple and effective.


  • Borax
  • Wooden board
  • Push pins, thumb tacks or tiny nails


  1. Using pushpins or thumbtacks, position the wing the way you would like it to be displayed. If you would like the wing displayed in an open manner, the way that a bird’s wing would be if the animal was in flight, pin the wing accordingly on your base board.Β 
  2. Pour Borax over the segments of the wings that formerly attached them to the bird.
  3. Allow the wings to sit, undisturbed for one month.

Note: When the month is up, you will not need to wash the powder off. Β The Borax will shake off esily and your wing will be dried.

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