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DIY Wind Checker

Hunting big game animals requires attention to detail and a situational awareness of the environment you’re hunting in. When hunting animals such as elk, or bear, one of the most important factors a hunter must be aware of is the direction of the wind. All it takes is one slip up to send your scent down into a canyon and botch your stalk completely.

It’s important to carry a wind checker. Most outdoor sporting goods stores will keep a few on the shelves to satisfy the needs of true huntsmen. But store-bought wind checkers can be a little wonky, not to mention expensive. It isn’t uncommon to end up with one containing sub-par powder that gums up the spout, or one that simply doesn’t contain enough powder in it to get you through the week at camp.

Like most things in life, if you want something done properly, it always pays off to take the time and do it yourself. Below are the materials and a quick video that illustrates just how easy it is to make your own large, cost-effective wind checker, that won’t fail you when you need it most.


Large nail

Airplane travel bottle with flip nozzle

Corn starch



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  • Or…do like REAL hunters have done for 100’s of years…stick your finger in your mouth…then up in the air…and feel the wind.

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