Easter Camping Ideas

Easter is almost here. More than the classic Easter egg hunt — still about children β€œhunting” for eggs, though — and the Easter bunny, there is one activity that could set your group apart on this day where children are usually free from homework and have the time to set off with the family. We are referring to camping.

You heard that right. One of the most fascinating and thrilling activities that one could think of during Easter is outdoor camping. So if you are looking for a more specialized way to go with celebrating the day and at the same time, churning out your outdoor skills, read on.

Know The Tips

It is interesting to note that even though Easter calls for special activities possible during the camp, you can go ahead review your previous notes on how you can prepare for this outdoor spree. Remember to plan earlier and set up your schedule, as well as the decision about which campground to visit. Some National Parks may be crowded since it is a weekend holiday, so weigh your options.

Prepare a Plan B. Families who drive to a campsite may always be urged to step back since the site may be busy or has already been filled with campers who arrived earlier. Make sure that you have a back-up plan.

The same thing goes with setting up the camp and getting ready with those gears and equipment. Use up previous knowledge about these and apply them once you begin your Easter camping. A few specifications though include on your checklist materials that your family will use for the activities. For instance, the Easter eggs. Place them in secure containers so they stay safe on the way to the camp.

Top Easter Camping Activities

You can also expect the Easter-inspired camping to be more leaning toward children so if you are looking at going away from the crowd and doing things on your own, think twice and try to immerse yourself at the moment with how these kids celebrate the day. Here are some camping activities to enjoy.

  1. Easter egg hunt

The classic never dies. Gather up your kids and their cousins in the camp during this weekend family affair. Set up a treasure hunt and let them experience nature by drafting the game to allow them to visit various areas in the campground.

  1. Coloring eggshells

Decorating eggshells in the outdoors? Why not?! Build the scene by using the foldable table and when everybody is busy with other activities perhaps after lunch or during the afternoon while some good music is playing on the portable radio or cousins are playing with the ukelele, call out these children to start painting eggshells. Also, a way to practice their creativity.

  1. Easter games

Everybody should stay active! It isn’t true that the Easter celebration is only for the little children. Organize Easter-inspired parlor games that include bunny hop races, egg races, spoon relays, and more. It is a great way to build teamwork and get to know other people in the family while at camp. Β 

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