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Efficient Practices for Self-Defense

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In order to develop the right mindset and physical capability to survive a fight, there are several healthy practices we should follow. Here is how you can enhance your health and be prepared for everything in order to strengthen your self-defense skills.

Why You Should Stay Healthy for Self-Defense

They say if you do not have a physical foundation, you’re dead. You need to be physically prepared to gain self-defense skills. When you incorporate healthy practices, you can attain more benefits such as:

Minimize Injury

Exercise and other healthy practices reduce your chances of injury.Β  It does this by strengthening your muscles, joints, and connective tissue.Β 

Capability to Perform

As mentioned, techniques alone aren’t enough.Β  We need to be able to endure the demands of training and applying our techniques at full speed.Β  We need the stamina to fight not only one, but multiple attackers.Β Β 


Without confidence, you will fail even when conditions are in your favor. Mental toughness ad confidence go hand in hand in times of survival situation.

Healthy Exercises for Self-Defense

Here are some exercises you should incorporate in your daily routine to enhance your self-defense skills

Core Isometrics

When fighting, your core muscles need to be extra tough. Isometrics entails using your own weight against you to develop core strength. This will help you learn how to balance your own body’s weight, although you be some hulking beefcake. This practice also means you don’t need any special equipment since you are using your own body weight.Β 


Getting down on the ground and doing push-ups is one of the most basic calisthenics routine you can have. This is quite kike isometrics since you are using your own body against yourself for resistance. This also involves exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, and other staples of high school PE class. Some advanced moves include star jumps, inclined push-ups, and other exercises meant to target specific muscle groups.Β 


You’re not required to break records when doing this. Weightlifting will simply improve your bone support as well as your muscles. There are so many gyms you can join in your area, but you can buy your own weights and workout from home. Consider also your health insurance plan since most of them provide free gym memberships.

More Practices

Aside from exercising, other healthy practices are also needed to strengthen your self-defense skills. Here are some of them.


Drinking water can give you better control over your body since all parts benefit from it. Drink above the daily recommended amount and continually push water for better self-defense.

Adequate Sleep

An uninterrupted eight house of sleep is suggested by expert but not everyone can attain that for some reason. Other professionals suggest that humans are capable of sleeping in shifts, hence why we get tired in the middle of the day and late at night. Whatever your schedule allows, make sure you get an adequate night’s rest.

Enough sleep helps with our immune system and cognitive function so you can pick up details on your environment for self-protection.

Good Diet

Eat an adequate amount of the right kinds of food at the right time. But eating right can mean different things to different people.Β  A good diet that is balanced in nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and fat can keep us ready and able to deal with heavy exertion and high-stress situationsΒ 


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