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Endangered Species You Must Be Aware Of

Hunting does great for the environment — in a lot of ways. At first glance, it will look as if it does harm to nature since it involves preying on animals, spotting them on its tracks, and using ammunition. It is generally the other way around. The biggest contribution of hunting to the environment is controlling the overpopulation of these species and thus, bringing the ecology into balance.

What about endangered species? Before you aim at the hunting spree and make the shot, it is important to take extra caution and determine which species are considered endangered today.

Indiana Bats

Bat hunters usually visit caves where these flying mammals live, prepare their spear, turn on their headlamps, and begin making the catch. However, there is one group of these creatures part of the bat family that hunters need to take great care of. These are the Indiana bats. They are declared as endangered species by both the state and the federal regulations. Humans visiting caves for tourism and continually disturb their surroundings used for hibernating in the winter cause their vulnerability for extinction.


Places like Madagascar are known for hunters of lemurs and are consumed as food. In the 1960s, the government of Madagascar cracked down on these hunters and prohibited the killing of these species. Lemurs are the second on this Primitive Survivors list of endangered species related to hunting. Most of the lemur species are native in the Madagascar island (they have also once been the central character of an animated movie) but aside from illegal hunting, climate change and deforestation have decreased their number in the wildlife.


Hunting for birds? It is suggested that you skip the ospreys. The species is characterized by its wingspan of up to six feet and with a dark crown on their white-colored head, with a distinctive dark brown streak on the sides. They may be increased gradually in their population today but they were once categorized β€œendangered” in the 1970s. Since 1999, they have been downgraded to β€œspecial concern” since experts are seeing them continually growing in number.


The rhino is one of the most expensive animals being sold when poached, with markets in South Africa and in various parts of Southeast Asia. Authorities are focused on creating strategies in order to protect the only left rhinos in the world in order to avoid further extinction. The western blank rhinoceros sub-species was declared extinct in 2011.

Sea Turtles

Cute little animals that demand more care, the sea turtles are a group of species living in the waters and on the coast but have also been a victim to poachers who use their shells and skin to make luxury products like perfumes, cosmetics, and leather. Hunters should be educated and informed about their status and instead of hunting them, it is great to instead share about their plight and raise awareness to the hunting community.


Tigers are among the most common creatures that you were introduced to ever since childhood, and many have encountered them first on pictures on books or while visiting the zoo. Instead of feasting your eyes on them and dreaming of preying on these animals as you hunt, skip these species as well and instead raise awareness on how they can reproduce once more, and return to their abundance in the wild.

Endangered Species That Are Still Legal To Hunt

Poaching is a whole lot different from hunting. Primitive Survivors is all out in its support for eco-friendly hunting and activities that will not do harm for the environment. With the list you have learned above, there are still endangered species that could be legal to hunt across various states. These include fin whales, puffins, polar bears, hammerhead sharks, and sea otters.

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