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Essential Supplies To Build An Outdoor Shelter

The test of survival skills is also seen from how an individual builds an outdoor shelter. Everything has to be rugged but at the same time, it should be able to support the number of days that you’ll stay in the campground.

Most of the time, the supplies or the raw materials you need are found in the backpack. There are also circumstances when the supplies will be taken from nature or whichever you have handy.

LED Headlamp

The first stuff that you need to check is the LED headlamp. If you have been following our stories here on Primitive Survivors, there were some tips that tell every camper not to set up a shelter at night. Why go for the LED light? Some areas of the camp are forests where thick tree roofs are found and even if you are setting up in broad daylight, you need to have this to help you throughout. The headlamp should have sturdy straps that you can easily secure around your forehead. Prepare extra batteries as well.

Nylon Rope Valuepack

The value pack version is emphasized since you need ropes that are flexible and strong. Ropes can be of various uses and you can have it to bind the walls of your primitive shelter together, or perhaps, set some traps to keep you away from predators and deadly animals in the wild. The recommended quantity is at least 12 packs of a 25-feet long rope and with a thickness of at least β…œ inches.

Survival Knife

Then, you have to bring a survival knife with you. The knife should have features that can function as a cutting, chopping or filing tool. It should be easily accessible whenever you need it to whittle branches to build the shelter or cut the rope that you shall use for binding. Choose the ones that will suit your needs and many experts recommend the M9 Bayonet Survival Knife, a model that is currently used by the U.S. Army. Our previous piece on 2019’s Best Survival Knives also recommends the Fallkniven A1bL A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife, Spyderco Bushcraft G-10, and more.

Tri-fold Shovel

To make sure that the wood material for the outdoor shelter stays firmly on the ground, you need a good tri-fold shovel. The best ones in the market today do not only have features that will let you dig more effectively on dry ground but a shovel that you can fit in your backpack. Now that is challenging. Choose the one that has strong features to match the qualities of the other raw materials. A recommended shovel is an item that can also be used for any camping, hiking and survival task.

Now that you have gotten a glimpse of what tools to bring when building your outdoor shelter, it’s time to get ready. The tents that you are about to set up are of course still going to provide the best functions throughout the camp or survival activity, but these shelters are meant to bring out the survivalist in you. For more tips on survival during hikes, camps or fishing adventures, keep it locked here on Primitive Survivors.

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