Everyday Household Items to Use When SHTF

The key to any survival situation is preparation, that is why we recommend quality survival gear all the time. However, if the budget is tight and you don’t have some of the supplies yet, you can always find common household alternatives!

Don’t be too overwhelmed by the survival items you need. Just relax, list the items in order of importance, and learn the items you can substitute for something that’s already in your house! Here are some of them.

  1. Lip Balm

Although most people would assume that cosmetic products serve no purpose when SHTF, Chapstick has a multitude of uses for survival. It can be used to stop an itching bug bite on the skin. You can swipe it across cuts and scrapes to stop bleeding too!

You can use Chapstick as a candle, a storage container for items like matches, wires, etc.

  1. Aluminum Foil

You can use tin foil to cook food by simply shaping it into a pot. You can also wrap it around a Y-Shaped branch to make a frying pan. That is how malleable, insulating, and durable it is!Β 

Aluminum foil also makes a great emergency signal because it is highly reflective, you can also use it as a fire starter with the help of an AA battery.

  1. Pantyhose

Pantyhoses are lightweight, affordable, and useful. When looking for water, pantyhose can be used for filtering. You can also use it to store food away from predators and also as a fishing net!

  1. Garbage Bag

Heavy-duty garbage bags help you collect leaves, garbage, and debris. But in emergency situations, they can be used for sealing shelters with roofs, waterproof sleeping areas, shoes, and even poncho as a protective layer.Β 

Garbage bags can also be used to collect and store water and can be reused for many applications. It’s lightweight, can fit in your pocket, and multi-purpose.

  1. Bra Cups

Believe it or not, survivalists the cup of a bra to make a debris mask. When an SHTF event occurs, people can face serious respiratory problems due to inhaling toxic ash, pulverized concrete, particles, and dust.

Most bra cups are the perfect size to cover the nose and mouth. The straps, on the other hand, can be tied around the head for hands-free use.Β 

  1. Tuna Can

Tuna cans can help during mass power outrages by illuminating your surroundings. They become incredibly useful when your flashlight batteries are dead.Β 

Stab a small hole at the top of an oil-packed tuna can then roll a two-by-five inch piece of newspaper into a wick. Put the wick into the hole, leaving a half-inch exposed. Wait a moment for the oil to soak to the top of the wick, then light with matches.

Your oil lamp is good to go for two hours and the tuna will still be good to eat afterward.

  1. Tampon

You can also start a fire with a tampon, especially during inclement weather. Begin by removing the cotton plug from its waterproof wrapper and plastic applicator. Pull the tampon apart to see the fibers. These are highly flammable and can start a fire with just a spark from a Ferro rod or cigarette lighter.Β 

  1. Dental Floss

When looking for your source of protein to hunt, dental floss can get the job done because of its strong but slippery feature. The material makes it a good material for making a snare for catching small game. You can also use it to rig up a fishing line or secure shelters.

  1. Paper Clips

Paper clips are difficult to break despite being bent easily, so you can twist them to make fish hooks, makeshift needles, lock pickers, and even chains. They are also ideal for creating a splint for small breaks or strains to fingers and toes when you are running low on first-aid supplies.

  1. Plastic Bottle

After surviving a disaster, staying hydrated should be your top priority. Use an empty bottle to filter water from plants, soil, and even mud to remove salts and heavy metals. To make a filter, cut off the bottom of the bottle hen fold it wall up a few inches into the interior.

Then, place the mini still into a muddy puddle or pan of salt water and wait for the sun to do its work. Evaporated water will collect on the inside of the bottle, run down the sides and collect within the folded lip. When you’ve collected enough liquid, remove the lid and pour the distilled water into a clean container, or drink straight from the still.

  1. Sringking Straws

Plastic drinking straws provide a quick way to seal and package your things. For instance, you can put petroleum jelly-soaked cotton on a straw and burn both ends to make an airtight container and small torch.Β 


You can also seal spices, ointments, medicines, liquids, and survival fishing kits in plastic drinking straws.

  1. Egg Cartons

After emptying your egg supply, do not throw away your egg cartons as you can turn these cardboard trays to maintain a garden. It’s affordable, easy, and more efficient and easy to transport.


Plant your survival seedlings in the small pits where the eggs used to be and watch your tiny plants grow into your food for survival.

  1. Bandana

A bandana comes in very handy to keep in case of an SHTF event. This everyday household item can be used to make smoke signals, a makeshift bandage in case of injuries, or an edible plant holder. You can also create a slingshot with a bandana.

Colorful ones aid in making yourself more visible to your companions in the dark jungle.

Stay Safe!

You never know when an emergency may occur, and despite being so well-prepared, we may often lack the survival gear we need. Thankfully, we have everyday items at home that can also be your hero during an SHTF event.

We hope you find these items and survival tips very useful should you find yourself in such a situation. This list is a great start to prepare actual high-quality survival essentials you will need!

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