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Everything You Need To Know About The New Gun Laws

Before you open fire, ask yourself this — am I equipped with all the latest information about the new gun laws? Guidelines always change from time to time, and what you think is acceptable yesterday may not be deemed legal today. Some states in the U.S. have added new provisions to their gun laws this year, also in lieu of the recent surge of gun control activism. Here is a guide to these new regulations.

No rifles, shotguns allowed for teenagers in California

Most of the drastic changes in gun laws are proclaimed in California, an area that has been marred with various shootings that prompted the government to strengthen its laws for gun owners. Since the 2019 New Year, January 1st, the state has begun to increase the minimum age to acquire rifles and shotguns from those 18 years old to 21 years old. There are exceptions to this rule though, particularly among law enforcement members, the military, and those who possess a hunting license.

Furthermore, anyone who has been convicted of specific domestic violence charges from January 1st will be banned from owning guns. The same rule applies to anyone admitted to a mental facility twice a year. There are also new laws implemented for locals who desire the carry a concealed weapon and that they must undergo into at least eight hours of safety training.

Also, beginning July 1st, ammunition sellers will have to check with the justice department before making a sale to make sure that the buyers are not prohibited to acquire guns.

The β€œboyfriend loophole” rule in Oregon

In the past, the prohibition from buying and owning guns covers domestic abusers and stalkers who are married to their victims. Now, the Oregon state has enacted the β€œboyfriend loophole” provision, a new law that prohibits β€œall convicted stalkers, abusers, and people under restraining owners” from acquiring firearms, no matter as to whether they are married to they live with their children.

On the federal scale

Gun owners welcomed 2019 with a drastic shift on having devices that let boost firing, particularly among semi-automatic rifles. A recent ban of bump stocks has been implemented also to prevent another mass shooting similar to what happened in Las Vegas, where the shooter used bump stocks to release more than 1,000 rounds during a country music festival within only a span of 10 minutes in 2017.

Revised background checks, gun law amendments

Meanwhile, the states of Illinois and Washington are also ironing out some clauses in the existing gun laws. For instance, in the Evergreen state, there will be new background checks for law enforcement members when purchasing firearms, as well as new criminal charges for fun owners who are found guilty for using the firearm for threats and violence. In Illinois, amendments to its present-day gun laws were made. One of these is the increase in the waiting period for purchasing rifles which is now taken at 24 hours to 72 hours. The amendments also include encouraging schools, churches, and employers to file orders of protection against individuals.

Most of these new gun laws are in support of different versions of policies that were included in the 100-plus gun control proposals made in Congress over the previous years.

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  • The boy friend loophole? By federal ALL domestic abusers are prohibited from having firearms. Male,female,married,single,related, or not related. ALL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PERSONS.

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