Everything You Need to Know to Take Your Dog Hiking

Many of us love so much our fur babies or canines to the extent that we want them always around us. Who would not miss our cute and huggable four-legged best friends? They are just so lovable and irresistible that we cannot leave them at home or a pet care shop whenever we go hiking. In this post, we will give you the things you need to know before taking your dog hiking.

Things to consider in taking your dog with your hiking adventure

Preparation and endurance test

Not all dog breeds are created equal some are considered toy dogs with shorter legs and long bodies and some are muscular built like a wolf ready to hunt in the woods. You need to consider this fact and check the breed of your dog if it can endure hiking with you. It’s advisable that you take your dog into a short quick walk in the park to notice if your dog can endure long walks. Observe the behavior and reaction of your dog to the changes in the environment. You can also make a simulation of the woods and your hiking activities at home with your dog to observe canine reactions to such environment. It’s very important to prepare your dog to live in the woods and have the needed endurance for survival.

Leash your pet

This is a common mistake for hikers bringing their dogs with them. They like to give freedom to their dog in the woods. This is dangerous because your pet can get confused, loss or be attacked by wild animals in the woods. You need to control your pet by putting it on a leash, this is highly recommended. By putting it on leash you’re able to lead it to your hiking trail.Β  When your pet becomes too aggressive you can manage its behavior and when it senses fear you can reassure your dog it is safe with you around.

Right of way

When you encounter fellow hikers on the way go to the opposite side to give way. Not everyone loves and admires canine as you do, some people may fear dog that may be due to some bad experience they had. Be considerate to your fellow hikers and take the other side as a precautionary measure. This is the same standard of courtesy when you encounter on your way horses and bike riders.

Proper waste management

It is a must that you bring with you plastics for you to manage your pet waste or you can also bury it on the ground. Proper waste management for your pet is called for cleanliness and sanitation as well as environmental protection. When you decide to bury your pet waste don’t do it on a trail or near bodies of water to avoid contamination.

Refreshment for you and your pet

It’s very important that you bring ample water supply for you and your pet while hiking. As much as you need water to survive days in the woods your pet also needs refreshment. It’s also recommended to bring with you a filtration straw to ensure that your drinking water is safe and free from microorganisms.Β 

Dog tag

Put all your contact information in your pet collar so that if it got loss people can reach for you.

Visit your Veterinarian

Before bringing your pet to be sure to pay a visit to your Vet in order to ensure that it got all the necessary vaccines, vitamins and protection it will need while going with your hiking adventure. It pays to know that your pet is in good health condition.Β 

Two loves in one heart

Yes, your love for your dog and life outdoors can make you a better person. Hiking with your pet will develop your bonding as well as make both of you appreciative of nature. We give you the important things to consider before bringing your pet to hiking. We love to see you both enjoy and happy exploring the woods in your hiking.

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