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Father’s Day 2019 Gift Guide For The Adventurous Dad

Happy Father’s Day from Primitive Survivors! If there is one person who initiates most outdoor trips, it has to be your dad or your grandpa should he still be in full strength to take on the wildlife. We are with you in celebrating this special day with your dads. In lieu of this, here is your Father’s Day 2019 gift guide, filled with suggested and highly recommended outdoor items that are suited for him.

Outdoor Gift Items

Just like what we did for mom (if you remember a month ago), we have divided this list into two categories. The first category has gift ideas for Father’s Day that will help him improve his outdoor experience. The second category is more of for general use.

Fishing shirts

One of the most thoughtful gift items that you can give is probably a fishing shirt. The best ones are characterized by a crew neck long-sleeve, collar, and pockets for holding equipment like sunscreen, tippets, and more. There are several brands that offer them in style.

Wading boots

For those who have heard about wading boots only for the first time, these pairs of footwear have rubber soles that are built for the outdoor adventure. How? They dry quicker and last longer, plus they are also more comfortable and less slippery. They have the ultimate function of rubber soles but they are built to tackle rivers and other extreme environments.


What a classy gift to give! The multi-tool may either be used for the outdoors and for general purposes. The best one should be made from the strongest of stainless steel and has all the tools you need. These can include a set of knives, two-bit drivers, scissors, bottle opener, eyeglass screwdriver, crimper, and screwdriver. Thus, the name.

Outdoor watch

Not all watches are created for the outdoors, and the last thing that you want to happen is to find out you cannot use them the next day. Find a perfect outdoor watch for your dad that is designated for both basic and rugged adventures.

Hiking socks

For those on a budget, you can be thoughtful and loving at the same time with these hiking socks. The material is stronger than the common form of socks that you have. Be sure to seek the best ones from the ideal brand. You can find them across many stores near you.

General Gift Items

Love is the most perfect gift that you can provide for your dad on this special occasion. Material things are just secondary. Here are more ideas for your father’s special day.

Leather wallet

The right leather wallet is made from authentic materials and is durable. This is a very common gift for men, but they never age through time. All will be appreciated.

Music headphones

For the more groovy dad who loves the music so much, perhaps the younger ones, a good music headphone is the way to go. Not only this is great for use in the office, at home, or during the commute, but these headphones can also be great for traveling.


There’s nothing better a gift than a home brewer than your dad can also share with the entire family. They love coffee as much as you do, and finding a convenient piece of equipment to brew their beverage anytime at home or in the office is just the best. That does not mean your dad has to ditch their favorite coffee shops though.

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