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Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Tactical Dad

primitive survivors fathers day 2020 gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it is time to show dad some love. If you haven’t done your shopping yet, we could help you with that!

Is your father a prepper, survivalist, hunter, or a backpacker? This father’s day, give him the best gift that will keep the whole family prepared for any survival situation. We took the time to compile a list of tactical gear to give him on Father’s Day. Help him improve his supplies and add to his collection by considering these gift suggestions for the tactical dad.

BioLite Camp Stove

BioLite has more advanced options to suit your dad’s needs and style when camping! This stove is a little bigger and heavier than most guys want to try to stuff in a backpack, but it’s a great little tool for camping. It has a fan with two settings that makes using and controlling the fire really user-friendly. It’s useful for food preparation and is nice for a quick fire. And it uses sticks to charge your phone.

TL900 Tactical Headlamp

If your father enjoys hunting and backpacking in the evening, a hands-free light would be an essential tool that they would appreciate. With all the technical data to sift through and seemingly endless choices on the market, it can be a real challenge to figure out what to buy fur him. But the TL900 Tactical Headlamp by Primitive Survivors is the best choice!

The head unit is designed using Aircraft Aluminum and is a perfect fit for any tactical situation or for ordinary day to day use. This Tactical Headlamp has an adjustable head unit that can pinpoint locations that are 500 meters away. It has 1000 lumens, is water-resistant, and has four modes.

5-in-1 Survival Bracelet

Our survival bracelet acts as a paracord rope, flint fire starter, emergency whistle, compass, and a sawtooth! Paracord survival bracelets are made of the same material that paratroopers used during world war 2 for their parachutes. This survival bracelet tells us what it truly means to be an outdoor survivalist, and we guarantee that your father will love it. The embedded compass has a remarkable accuracy, so if his GPS doesn’t work, he’ll just have to turn to his wrist to find his way home.

The survival bracelet is a big help in high-stress situations. It’s stylish and ready for EDC! It will fit well on your dad in the form of an inexpensive, excellent, paracord bracelet.

9-in-1 CorePak

If you want a bundle that has almost everything your dad needs for his next tactical mission, Primitive Survivors put together a set of different survival essentials which include the following:

  • 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
  • Big Flint Fire Starter
  • High-Frequency Aluminum Whistle
  • Tactical Pen
  • Compass With Ruler
  • Stainless Steel Knife with Bottle Opener
  • 11 in 1 Multi-Tool
  • Finger Light
  • Tactical Case

The pack is designed and tested in the US to fit different outdoor adventures and survival situations!Β 

Longwave Shortwave Radio

A high-quality multi-band radio for any father that takes his disaster prepping seriously. Hammacher-Schlemmer Radio is a great piece of technology for any disaster scenario. It can easily run off of solar panels and allows you to listen to AM/FM bands, civilian aircraft radio transmissions in the 117-137 MHz range as well as most any other short sideband transmissions from 1711 kHz- 30 MHz.

This means that your dad and family can listen to any frequency that will be used by emergency response personnel anywhere on Earth! It’s perfect for prepping or general entertainment, and it’s a great choice for your father who is a technology lover.

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