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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

The old guy was probably who taught you how to fish, hike and hunt. It’s likely that he was there when you built your first campfire and watched as you reeled in your first bucketmouth. And if you have kids of your own, you know just how much it takes to be a father. With Father’s Day on the approach, there’s a great opportunity to show your old man how much you appreciate what he did for you. We’ve put together a quick list of gift ideas for your old man, full of some of the newer and innovative outdoor gear on the market.

Columbia River Knife and Tool 2745 Birler Compact Pack Axe

Every man needs a solid axe to grind. Be it chopping kindling in the backcountry, cutting through the ribcage of a freshly harvested deer carcass, or taking on some other superheroic task he is well-known for, old Dad will get a kick out of this top quality, very backpack-friendly axe.

Leupold VXR 2-7x33mm Scope

If your old man is an AR guy who appreciates affordable forms of accuracy, look no further. This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for his new setup. It will pair nicely with the addition of a Leupold Mark 2 IMS scope mount.

OnX Maps Subscription

For the dad who lives to hunt in the backcountry, there is no better a gift than a subscription to OnX Maps. Covering 4000,000 miles of trailsystem, 985 million acres of public land, and 121 million private properties, OnX map system lets you know where you are, all the time. It lets Dad link all his devices to this mapping system, and it is capable of functioning offline as well.

Heritage Wave Leatherman

For the dad who would prefer the best old-fashioned name-brand tool over a name-brand pocket watch, you can’t go wrong with Leatherman’s biggest multitool. The Heritage Wave even comes with a classic leather sheath, and the addition of replaceable wire cutters.

Water Straw

Water is essential but it is heavy to carry. Help old Dad’s aching back out by getting him a portable water straw that will allow him to drink from any water source. If you really want to go all out, get two of these so your old man has a backup straw to pack away in his survival kit.

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