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Field Stripping the Glock 19

There’s a reason why most die-hard preppers will tell you that the Glock pistol is their go-to SHTF handgun of choice. Glocks are simple, reliable, and virtually indestructible. They have the ability to carry high-capacity magazines and are easily customized.

While it is well-documented and often spoke of how durable these pistols are, the utter simplicity of the gun is sometimes overlooked. Beginner and novice preppers who are easily intimidated by the mechanics of other gun models will find themselves a friend in the Glock. There are few other pistols out there that can be assembled and disassembled so easily, without the need of tools.
All Glock models are assembled and disassembled the same way. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to fieldstrip the Glock 19.

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