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It can be difficult to find fellow survivalists and preppers in your area. In fact, there are only about 3 million members in the prepper community. What makes it harder for us to find people with the same interests is the fact that we don’t want to broadcast our endeavors to avoid judgment and future looters when SHTF.

While you might be reluctant to reach out to other preppers, there can be a value in it. Here are some basics to remember when finding preppers in your community.Β 

Why You Should Meet Fellow Preppers

Simply because there is strength in numbers. A larger survival group is going to more than you alone. You’ll have more ideas, more resources, more skills, and information. Of course, there’s a bad side to it, including conflicts and personal interests getting in the way. In an SHTF, betrayal is the last thing you want to experience.

Ditch the lone wolf mentality you see all over the movies. While being self-reliant is one of the most powerful skills a prepper can have, it is undeniable that the road is much more difficult alone than with a group.Β 

Start meeting fellow preppers in your area so that you can monitor what is happening in your place. I guarantee that you would be better off in a group of your choice now before any crisis than on your own or with a group you don’t want during and after the crisis. The trick is to choose wisely

Start with Your Friends and Family

Sounds easy but this doesn’t always end well. While there are cases where friends and family are willing to get involved with your interests in prepping, you shouldn’t be expecting them to jump on board easily or even stay committed just because they are your friends or family.Β 


Despite the hesitations, it’s always best to start with people you already know. After all, they are the people you love and trust the most in the world. Ensure their protection and tell them what else they can get from joining your prepping community. Even if they say no, there is no need to worry about operational security issues since they remain trustworthy.Β 


Another reason to start with your friends and family is that they are the closest people to you. They’re most likely the ones you’ll be in close proximity within case of an SHTF event. It’s going to be helpful for both of you if they go onboard and when they are ready to go with supplies and having certain skill sets.Β 

Make sure to respect them by not pressuring them. Give them time to make up their minds as you continue doing what you think is best.

Find them Online and Around Town

Get out there and meet people. Go to churches, clubs, and other hobbyist groups that can be tied into prepping, like gardening groups and more. Some neighborhoods also have disaster groups that establish communication trees and responsibilities at the very least. Go to these places, introduce yourself, and make some new friends.Β 

But don’t scare them away. Preppers have had some bad reputation now, so keep the conversation light. Don’t start by talking about a nuclear holocaust or an EMP strike. Talk about what seems interesting to them, like preserving food, growing tomatoes, and stockpiling.Β Β 

You can also find preppers online. There are various sites that give you a chance to meet those with the same interests. Social media groups also work, but you have to beware of losing some anonymity when you use those to interact with others.Β 

It’s not that hard to meet preppers in your place. Being in a dedicated and trustworthy team is an asset no matter what your SHTF plan is.Β Β Β Β 

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