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Fire Starter Test

When it comes to primitive survival, the ability to make fire is arguably the most important thing you can possess. Fire will keep you warm, dry, allow you to safely consume water, allow you to cook food, ward off predators and boost morale in the worst of times. This is why fire starters, also called fire strikers or spark rods, have become all the rage in circles of modern survivalists.

Combing through the vast jungle of survival websites, blog posts and magazine articles out there today will likely lead one in the direction of two popular fire starters. The Blastmatch from Survival Technology, and Gerber’s Bear Grylls Fire Starter. Both are fine fire starters, used often by those who choose to venture into the wet woods or evoke primitive skillsets. Both are compact ferrocerium rods that employ metal striking as the method of ignition. Both will run you about $20.

We wanted to see how they stacked up against each other. Which one would produce a larger spark as quickly as possible was the question at hand. Check out our video below to see the results in this battle of the fire strikers.

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