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Fishing Hacks for Bank Anglers

Fishing is one of the many pursuits in the outdoors where improvising can lead to success. It’s the little things that count when the big fish are biting. While a great deal of fishing improvisation is utilized on presentation of bait, lures and line set-ups, improvisation permeates all elements of the angler’s craft. Here are a few simple fishing hacks that will make life on the water easier, particularly for the gritty bank anglers who love to get their boots muddy while chasing fish and ripping lips.

Use Old Egg Jars for Lures

Fishing from the bank is about gaining access and moving around as much as you can to hit those honey holes that line the shore. Mobility is key and that means minimizing your kit while at the same time bringing enough to throw the kitchen sink at ‘em if need be. One way you can do this and maximize all those empty PowerBait jars at the same time, is to consolidate your lures into those empty jars. The glass jars will prevent the treble hooks on your lures from snagging on clothing or fabric. The size of the jars makes them ideal for pocketing. If you’re trying to move around with as little as possible on you, this is a great hack to try.

Paracord for Stringer

Stringers can be an angler’s best friend. They can also be a pain in the neck to remember sometimes. If you find yourself in a pinch, having forgotten your stringer back at the truck, or perhaps loaned it to a buddy who is now a quarter mile down the bank from you, use paracord. It is strong enough to hold your fish, lightweight, and easy to stuff in your pocket when on the move.

Stick for Carrying Handle

If you’re lucky enough to have caught a solid stringer of fish, or just one really big one, and still have to hike out of your fishing hole after a long day on the water, this is a great hack. Take a few moments to find a good-sized stick and wrap your stringer (or paracord) around the center portion of it. While it may seem like an insignificant thing to spend time doing, setting yourself up to carry fish like this is not only hassle-free, but more comfortable.

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