Fishing News: National Go Fishing Day Celebrated + More Good Stuff

On June 18th, both experienced anglers, hobbyists, and first-timers celebrated National Go Fishing Day across several states in the U.S. It was a day when enthusiasts practiced the sport in streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers. Together, they baited their hooks, cast their lines, and caught fish that brought happiness to their faces.

The main theme of National Go Fishing Day centers around recreational fishing, one of the branches of the sport. It is a more laidback approach to fishing, compared to the more rigorous ones that involve competition.

Groups of friends and the entire family celebrated this occasion and even camped out in the areas where the events were hosted. Social media was also abuzz with the event, and trended through the hashtag #NationalGoFishingDay, and photos of the attendees were shared around.

There are several benefits that one can get from fishing. It promotes body strength, encourages family bonding, and even boosts the immune system. Aside from these, it also promotes relaxation, improves heart health, teaches self-reliance, and motivates the person to travel, among many other benefits.

The history of recreational fishing dates back from the 16th and 17th centuries. There were books published about the field, defining guides for anglers who love fishing for leisure.

Salmon fishing opener on June 22nd

In other fishing news, sport anglers will get the opportunity to fish salmon off the coast of Washington state beginning June 22nd, Sequim Gazette reported.

The state fish and wildlife department fishery manager Wendy Beeghley said that this is the day when all four marine areas in the state will open daily to fish for coho salmon and Chinook. It is a great way to spend summer for these anglers, the fishery manager added.

For interested participants, they can check out the website of the fish and wildlife department. They can also read information from the Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet, available at sporting goods stores and online.

New Oklahoma fishing trail

There are several good news in the fishing field recently. In Oklahoma, state leaders and popular TV personality Jimmy Houston gathered at Lake Thunderbird to launch the new Oklahoma Fishing Trail, News4 reported.

The Oklahoma Fishing Trail features six loops, one for each region in the state. It is also a trail that will encourage the locals and visitors to experience the lakes and the fish diversity that the state has.

“Keep your tourism dollars in Oklahoma,” Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell told News4. “There`s no reason why you need to go to Arkansas to go fishing. You need to do that right here in Oklahoma.”

Oklahoma is among the most celebrated and the biggest venues for fishing, with several natural landmarks playing host to the sport. This is why businessmen and investors are also looking forward to getting involved in these events. The fishing trail also includes competitive portions based on the fish caught along the trail.

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