Fishing News: Red Snapper Fishing Season Launched In Mississippi

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Mississippi is headed for a fresh season until July. According to a recent report in the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the state’s most popular saltwater fishing season has finally been launched.

The red snapper fishing season started last Friday in the state’s coasts and is set to run seven days a week until July 8th. But the activities do not end there since through the season will end on that day, it will resume on the 28th of July and then run until September 2nd.

Red snappers

Red snappers are abundant in Mississippi. These are species of snapper indigenous to the western Atlantic Ocean, and they are also found in the Gulf of Mexico. They are characterized as species who live in environments filled with reefs. They are also among the best species that anglers used in recreational fishing.

The state marine resources department also discloses that the mid-season closure allows them to determine the number of fish that have been caught, and also to ensure that the quote of the red snapper from the state β€œisn’t caught before Labor Day.”

The officials also added the season may close earlier if quotas are reached earlier, or the Gulf-wide target is reached. Interested anglers should register online or through the phone with the department’s concerned office. Fines await those who aren’t authorized to fish.

The locals are looking forward to participating in this fishing season. It has been a way for the outdoor enthusiasts’ community to gather together, and share the vision and goals with regards to this particular type of activity.

Bangladesh bans fishing

In other news, Bangladesh has banned fishing off its coast for 65 days in order to β€œtry and boost depleted fish stocks,” BBC News reported.

All types of fishing vessels are covered by the ban and the coast guard officials in the country are looking at implementing this new ruling beginning Monday. The ban will be lifted after the 23rd of July. The ban will be enforced in the Bay of Bengal.

In reaction to the new regulation, thousands of Bangladeshis have organized protests against the ruling, saying that this will cripple their sources of income. Fishing groups and associations have called on the government to β€œreconsider the ban,” and they are also requesting for compensation for the damage that this provision will cost them.

However, Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru, minister of fisheries and livestock, says that the resources could deplete one of these days if they are not used sustainably. He adds, β€œWe should let fish grow and breed. Otherwise, we will have to suffer in the future.”

The government also said that the ban will run annually from May 20th to July 23rd, the report added. Commercial fishing has been banned for the short-term in the past, but this is a record-breaking provision since it is the first time that all fishing boats and local fisherman have been banned for a relatively long period of time.

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