Fly Fishing – Updating Your Gear

The enthusiasm to go fly fishing is in your blood. This is why it is essential that you update your fly fishing gears for a hassle-free and enjoyable fishing trip.Β 

Fishing is fun if you got the skills and the right equipment. In this post, we will give you some of the new fly fishing gear you need to have.

Visit your shop and buy these gears while supply lasts.

O’Pros Third Hand Rod Holder

Your new fly fishing mate! This is both a durable and lightweight Rod Holder. It is the perfect tool to give you that sturdy lift when you take that fly fish going to your boat. It is easily attached to any 2-inch wading belt or a 1-inch pack strap, and will securely hold to any standard cork handle. You just need a push to the cork handle into the holder. Another feature is its elastic cord lock for extra security when carrying a second rod.

You can have the ease in adjusting to 360 degrees so you can tilt the third hand to any angle to hold your rod in any position. The back mounting plate can be removed with a single screw if you like to add a camera to document your fly fishing adventure. It can also be mounted to your boat or kayak.

All fun, right?

This is for the starting price of $24.

Orvis Ultralight Convertible Waders

Even the best waders can feel full and bloated, but these new waders use four-layer nylon that’s thin and breathable, ensuring your comfort. Fasteners lengthen the shoulder straps to drop the Ultralight to your waist, giving you more heat compared to your conventional waders. This wader is genuinely fantastic that comes with its pure form.

This is priced at $298

Fishpond Switchback System

When you’re fishing for days, flexibility is your friend. This switchback has attachments for your net, rod, wading staff, and drink. In addition to that, there’s a pack that slides around the belt for better placement performance.Β 

This is for $100 price.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Line

A good line will enable your rod and turns over the fly for a clean, accurate catch. This line reduces friction because it has a coating to make it durable and slick.

This is for a fixed price of $100.

Bitterroot Stream Net

A cozy look handcrafted net from Washington which is made of fine hardΒ­woods and turquoise inlays, Bitterroot’s custom nets are simply pretty to behold and cool to hang.

This pretty baby comes with a $209 price.

Patagonia x Danner Foot Tractor Wading Boots

Leather nylon upper and Vibram soles that last for a lifetime; this is Patagonia Wading Boots are made of. Optimum feet and sole protection as you walk for miles to your fishing destination.

You can get it for only $499.

Columbia Force XII Zero Long-Sleeve Shirt

For that comfort, while walking for miles and fly fishing, this shirt is best for you. It regulates your body temperature when it detects moisture from your body. This helps in keeping you hydrated for that long fishing adventure of yours.

This is for as little as $100.

Gearing UP for that fly fish CATCH

There you go, guys, we already gave you some of the latest gears for fly fishing. Enjoy your next fly fishing adventure by bringing these gears for your improved experience and performance.

Tune in to us for more fly fishing gear updates you’ll enjoy.

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