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Foil-Pack Camping Breakfast Ideas

It’s a Saturday, and the air is crisp and lovely. What a great time to be outdoors! Check out these deliciously filling breakfast ideas you can try on your next camping trip.

Healthy Grilled Shrimp Fajita Foil Pack

Fajitas in the forest! For this recipe, fill foil packages with vegetables, spices and shrimp, then fold the edges of the foil together and crimp it tightly so that it’s leak proof during cooking. When you’re ready for dinner, open the tinfoil packages and pour the shrimp and vegetables into fire-warmed tortillas.

Cheesy Bacon Hot Dogs

Take campfire hot dogs to the next level with The Pioneer Woman’s cheesy bacon, bun-free version. After slicing each sausage lengthwise and filling the slits with string cheese, wrap a slice of bacon around each hotdog and bunch it up in tinfoil. As the hotdog cooks above the campfire, the cheese will melt and the bacon will get crispy.

Healthy Grilled French Toast Foil Packets

Whether it is a make-ahead breakfast or a midnight snack, this twist on French toast is worth gathering firewood for. We suggest using canned non-fat evaporated milk as a camping friendly ingredient you don’t have to refrigerate.

Salmon Baked in Foil

The directions for Giada de Laurentiis’ salmon recipe call for an oven, but this ideal summer dish can easily be made at a campfire as well. Place the salmon fillets (even better if it’s freshly caught fish) on sheets of tinfoil and sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper. A mixture of tomatoes, shallots, lemon juice and herbs is added on top of the fish, and the tinfoil can be folded to make a sealed packet. Cook the packets over a fire until the fish is cooked through and then open the packets to create boat-shaped plates. You won’t even have to do dishes!

Campfire Banana Split

Make the ultimate banana split with this indulgent recipe. On large squares of tinfoil, peel and split bananas lengthwise and top with chopped cookies and mini marshmallows. Fold the tinfoil to create a sealed packet and then heat it over the campfire. When the banana is warm and the marshmallow is melted, open the tinfoil and top the dessert with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Fennel Stuffed Fish In Foil

Baking in tinfoil is one of the simplest ways to cook a whole fish. While this recipe calls for an oven, it can easily be adapted for a campfire. Using a sharp knife, start by making shallow cuts along the length of the spine on both sides of the fish. Then, place knobs of butter along with slices of lemon and fennel inside the cavity, and salt the outside of the fish. Finally, wrap the fish in tinfoil and bake it over the flames.

Campfire Quesadillas

Bring along a Tex-Mex favourite the next time you go camping. These vegetable and goat cheese quesadillas can easily be made using tinfoil. After cooking mushrooms, onions and bell peppers on a hot skillet, create the quesadillas by placing tortillas down on large tinfoil squares, topping them with cheese and the sautΓ©ed vegetables. Fold the tortilla half and seal the tinfoil packets for cooking.

Horseradish Grill-Roasted Salmon

If you happen to pack a side of salmon – or catch one – on your camping trip, follow Anna Olson’s easy tinfoil recipe. Lay the salmon on large sheets of heavy tinfoil, and then top the fish with breadcrumbs, dill, horseradish, melted butter, lemon zest and salt. Squeeze lemon juice over top before folding the foil to cover the salmon, and crimping the edges to create a tight seal. By doing so, you prevent juices from escaping, making the salmon moist and flavourful.

Seafood Pasta in a Foil Package

Believe it or not, a gourmet seafood pasta can be enjoyed while camping. In one skillet, cook a sauce of garlic, butter, white wine and tomatoes until simmering. In a separate skillet, sear the scallops and shrimp until cooked through. To assemble, fill large squares of tinfoil with cooked, drained pasta noodles, followed by the seared seafood and sauce. Wrap everything tightly and cook it over the campfire for about 15 minutes.

Bittersweet Double Chocolate Coconut S’mores

To create these extra-chocolaty s’mores, bittersweet chocolate, coconut and a charred-to-perfection toasted marshmallow are sandwiched between chocolate graham crackers. The whole thing is wrapped in tinfoil, then heated over the fire until ooey-gooey.

Salmon with Lemon, Capers, and Rosemary

A wonderful summer meal, foil packets are filled with salmon fillets covered in lemon, capers, wine and spices, placed on a hot grill and cooked for about 10 minutes.

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