Freeze Drying for Preppers

Being self-reliant is all about finding new ways to prepare for the worst and ensure successful long-term survival. Having adequate food stores and being able to preserve those food stores for an undetermined period of time should be high on ever prepper’s list of things to achieve. This is precisely where freeze drying food comes into play. If you’re looking for a way to create food stores that will go the distance, are easy to pack away and are versatile in terms of food sources, freeze drying is the way to go. For the serious prepper, it is a no-brainer. But there is a lot to know about the process first. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

How Freeze Drying Works

Freeze drying is not a complicated process but it is quite specific. In basic terms, it is a lot like using a drying rack inside of a freezer. Food sources that have high water content are the easiest to work with, as what you are essentially doing is eliminating water and moisture elements from food. The shape of your food will stay the same, but its water content will no longer exist. The best part is that once your food is freeze dried, you don’t have to keep it frozen or in a freezer. It can be stored at room temperature.

What Can Be Freeze Dried?

Almost anything can be freeze dried. Folks freeze dry everything from meat and pasta to grains, fruits and vegetables. You can even freeze dry stuff like yogurts. Once you learn how to efficiently freeze dry, you can work on all sorts of mixes. Dairy products and desserts are also on the menu when it comes to freeze drying. The only foods you can’t freeze dry are things that are mostly fats or sugars. This is because fat doesn’t dry well and sugar binds itself to water and thereby traps water in the food.

How to Start

Full disclosure, it can be an expensive endeavor. While there are ways to freeze dry your food without the use of a machine, it sure is a piece of cake when you have one. Other methods involve using dry ice or the freeze and sublimation method. These are doable, they just take a great deal of time and freezer space. The best machine out on the market today is the Harvest Right home freeze dryers. Like we said, it is an investment… like $1,995 worth on an investment for their basic model. But from a practical standpoint, the machine could save your life and ensure the survival of you and your loved ones.

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