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Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

Do you have kids who prefer to stay at your house playing on their tablets or just staring on a computer screen? Or kids who love to play virtual games and equate fun with the constant use of the internet.Β  As parents, we wish our kids could also have fun outdoors just as we did, before the advent of gaming technology and the internet. We want them also to flex their muscles, run, hide and seek and get dirty outdoors. In this post, we will give some fun outdoor activities your kids will love to participate in.

Benefits of outdoor activities for your kids

It has been found out by numerous studies that kids who seldom participate in outdoor activities become obese, with health issues and fail to develop their social skills. Isolation by staying at home can also affect the mental health of your kids. They start to think that their virtual world is the real world failing to appreciate the beauty of nature and human relations.

When your kids participate in outdoor activities they’re able to develop their physical strength, social skills (teamwork, human relations, interdependence, and communication) and mental health. In short, when your kids are engaged in outdoor activities they will be developed as a total person.

Fun outdoor activities your kids will enjoy

Hide and seek

The game is to assign one kid to find the other kids while the assigned kid is counting up to five while looking at a base which is a big tree. The assign kid should find the other kids (who are hiding somewhere else in the outdoors). The task is to find his/her fellow kids who are hiding and outsmart as well as outrun them to the base which is the tree. Whoever is caught and outrun to the base will replace the assign kid. The former kid will now join the other kids in hiding. The cycle is repeated throughout the activity. The thrill of this activity is the search and marathon among the kids. It will also develop kid’s skills in hiding and using nature to cover themselves. You can incorporate a short lesson on safety here.

Water balloon

Fill a plastic tub with balloons with water and let your kids play with them by instructing them to go a distance and then the other kids will throw the water balloons to your kid with a baseball bat to hit the incoming water balloons.Β  The goal of your kid is to be able to hit many water balloons to maintain his/her position. The mechanics are like a baseball game in the field.

Obstacle course

Use chalk to draw some instructions to your kids before reaching the goal or target in order to get a reward (candies, chocolates or a simple hug from you). Use your imagination, you can write jump 3x then sing a nursery rhyme like Mary had a little lamp then hop 2x. It’s like playing snake and ladders.

Mud baking

Let your kids imagine they’re pastry pro and use their creativity to bake their favorite cakes and bread by using mud and some baking pan as well as tools. You’ll love their creation later on just don’t let them make you taste it you know it’s still made of mud.

Catch the egg

Instruct your kids to get a partner and let them throw the eggs to each other. The goal is not to let the egg break.

Hunter’s game

Using the materials of nature like a leaf, branch, flowers, and fruits, let your kids find them in the park. Collect some samples and paste them to a sheet of paper. Assign your kids to find the same materials in the park and gave it to you. The first one who will find all of the materials will get a reward.

Tower of babel

If you’re at the beach you can play this game and let your kids make a tower using the sand and any material they can find nearby. The goal is to make the highest tower that cannot easily be destroyed when the waves came in contact with it.

Bring your kids outdoor is making them complete

Letting your kids experience, have fun and enjoy the outdoors does not only make them reap many benefits but developing their survival instincts in the outdoors. They will be a child once and there is no turning back. Encourage them to enjoy the sunshine, the grass, wildlife and the beauty of the skies.

Check us regularly for more tips on letting your kids enjoy the outdoors.

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