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Gear Maintenance For Your Hiking Supplies

Your hiking gear demands a different set of attention on maintenance. The most important hiking equipment that you should have on the list are the hiking backpack, appropriate clothing, hiking footwear, food supplies, water supplies, map, compass, first-aid kit, and outdoor knife. These are essentials and therefore, the absence of one may have repercussions for your hike.

Maintaining Your Hiking Gear

Hiking Backpack Maintenance

The backpack stores all the items that you bring during the hike, as well as the clothing supplies that you need throughout the days of your stay in the location. Previously, you have learned tips on choosing the best items for your needs and this time, you are going to learn how to maintain them.

  • After every hike, empty the backpack, open all zippers, and reverse inside out to remove all dirt on the surface.
  • Use a soft brush to brush the fabric and remove dry mud and dirt.
  • Then, once every year, you may spring clean using a vacuum cleaner before preparing the backpack for water and soap cleaning. You may also deep clean by washing these accessories by hand.
  • It is important to remember that machine washing the bag, as well as tumble,Β  try techniques, dry cleaning, ironing, and bleaching are not suitable and might not be 100 percent safe. Instead, use warm water, soap, and brush.
  • Allow the bag to dry naturally after washing it.
  • Re-waterproof regularly by applying the water-repellency treatment.
  • Lastly, store in a dry space.

Hiking Footwear Maintenance

The hiking boots are usually more expensive than the usual shoes that you wear. It is necessary to ensure that they last a long time before actually buying a new one, which in this case, only when the footwear is not usable anymore. Here’s how to maintain these gear.

  • Before heading out for the hike, check up the boots for any necessities for waterproofing, to see if shoelaces are in good condition, and to see if there are any loose accessories.
  • It is also necessary to clean the boots during the trip. When you set up the camp for overnight sleep, hang the boots upside down in a considerable distance from the sleeping quarters to remove any dirt.
  • Use a stick or pocket knife to dig into the soles, one at a time to further remove deep-seated dirt.
  • Allow wet footwear to dry overnight.
  • After every hike, clean the boots using soapy, warm water and allow for them to dry under the sunlight. Waterproofing the boots is also needed from time to time. For leather boots, you may use a leather conditioner.

Outdoor Knife Maintenance

There is proper knife maintenance and then there’s improper cleaning. This is about outdoor knives, tools that are not used with much frequency as your kitchen knives. You ask how to maintain them, the guidelines are here.

  • Begin with the blades and practice ways to avoid it from being victimized by corrosion. Avoid storing this in a sheath. This will ensure that moisture is controlled which places the knife more prone to rust.
  • If the outdoor knife gets wet, dry it up and apply some oil to separate the water before wiping them off.
  • For foldable knives, the hinge is an important section that you should take care of.
  • You may also need to sharpen the outdoor knife from time to time. If you prefer an expert to do this for you, there are service professionals who can do this maintenance for customers.
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