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Gear Maintenance For Your Hunting Supplies

You woke up to a day where you’ll mostly be spending the time at home and indoors. Instead of doing social media and binge watching all day, one of the worthwhile things you can do is to clean your hunting supplies. This Primitive Survivors post will guide you in this task.

Hunting maintenance is as important as preparing for your hunting trip. On the day of hunting, you cannot go to the wild and maintain the gear within this same day. You will be time constrained.

Among the hunting gear to prepare; include the backpack, boots, decoys, calls, trail camera, scent killer, headlamp, binoculars, water supplies, rangefinder, pocketknife, rifle scopes, night scopes, your weapon, clothing, and more.

Calls: Keep them sharp and clean

Calls are performing better and even for longer periods of time if they are properly maintained. Do not just store the calls anywhere during the off-season. Instead, use cool and clean water to rinse them off any bacteria and elements that may affect its function during the hunt. This technique will also be able to eliminate odors. If you have a used refrigerator, you can allot them for your hunting supplies and experts suggest to store the calls inside the fridge during the offseason to avoid the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Hunting clothes: Camouflage should not fade

A faded camouflage hunting apparel will beat the purpose of actually helping the hunter hide in the woods. Clothes that fade are part of a natural process, but there are ways that you can do in order to slow this down. When you machine wash, do this in a regular and not too frequent cycle. Turn the fabric inside and out, and let the inside parts reveal upon placing them into the washer. Dispense the detergent evenly and fill the water with washer, before adding soap. Remember to only use a short wash cycle time, since overwashing the apparel may contribute to further fading.

Guns, weapons, and waders: Storage is everything

For your hunting guns and weapons, the first tip you can adapt in order to keep them in the best conditions possible is to store them right. Beforehand, clean and oil them according to the specifications from the gun manufacturer. Use an airtight location. For weapons that are stored within soft gun cases, do not fully zip the case and leave a small space to let the air circulate inside and out. You will always want to avoid moisture that your guns may catch, and may lessen its function during the hunt.

Storage for the waders should also be considered. You can always have them inside a closet or in your garage, but this may give them creases. What you can do is to hang them upside down in a place with the right temperature and humidity, in order to keep them in shape.

It is important to keep your hunting gear in check. You can never know how much money you will save when your equipment are properly maintained.

Do you have hunting tips to share? Feel free to post in the comments section below!

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